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Paragliding tandem flights in Costa

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sello overfly 30 años


paragliding in tenerife


We take off from Taucho at 700 m and we overfly the city of Adeje. You will enjoy fantastic views of the sea and mountains. We will land in the area Costa Adeje beach. 


90,00 €

paragliding in tenerife


It’s our most popular flight. You will enjoy the ascent in thermal currents with fantastic views of the Barranco del Infierno and Ifonche. Then we’ll fly to the landing area in Costa Adeje beach.


115,00 €

paragliding in tenerife


If you are the type of person who gets bored on a roller coster, this flight is perfect for you. We guarantee that we’ll make you heart beat and your adrenaline pumping 100%.


130,00 €

Why book with Overfly Paragliding Tenerife?


Without explanation. You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance and you will receive a full refund.

tailor-made experiences

Our tandem flights will be tailored to yours needs so that you can enjoy the best possible experience. 

unbeatable treatment

The professional treatment of our entire team will make you feel comfortable from the first moment. 

30+ years of experience

More than 30 years making thousands of flights have made Overfly the best paragliding company in Tenerife. 

How do we organize for the paragliding flights in Tenerife south?

1. pickup

We pick up you at the meeting point or at your hotel in Tenerife south and we go to the take-off point.

2. briefing

Before taking off we give you a brief training so that you know how you should act at all times.

3. an unforgettable flight

Relax and enjoy the views and a unique unforgettable experience. 

4. once landed

Back on the ground, if you wish, you can buy the video of your flight to keep the memory forever.  

frequently asked questions about paragliding in tenerife south

In relation to the health emergency of COVID-19, Overfly Paragliding Tenerife adopts a series of measures to take care of you and all customers.

Essentially, these measures include frequent hand washing and also mandatory use of mask. As well disinfection of the sports equipment and the transport vehicle

Our paragliding paradise is located in the south of Tenerife, exactly on our beloved Costa Adeje. We fly all year long from Monday to Saturday. Of course, you can choose the schedules yourself when making the booking online.

Overfly Tenerife complies with all regulations and his professional pilots also have the appropriate training and paragliding qualifications that accredit them. So our answer is indisputably. Yes, it is very safe.

As soon as you are equipped, your pilot will tell you when to start walking for take off. You will immediately feel yourself floating in the air. You’re already flying!

Paragliding landing is also very easy. All you will have to do is walk while your instructor brakes the glider very gently.

Accompanied by an instructor, anyone can paraglide from 6 years old.

We do not recommend flying to pregnant women and people with mobility impairments.

The passenger’s weight may not exceed 100kg.

In the case of children, the minimum weight will be 30kg.

Firstly, on paragliding flights in Tenerife, the mountain temperature prevails, therefore, dress in comfortable clothes and bring a jacket in case it gets cold. Finally, it is essential to come with sports shoes

With many years of experience, the pilots do a professional job taking photos and videos of the best moments of the flight. Once landed, you will have several purchase options to conserve memory.

You can leave your belongings, such as backpacks and bags, in our van. You will get your things back once you land. Take your valuables like wallet, phone and documents with you. The harness that you will use during the flight has a pocket to store personal items.

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