Aerial photography during your flight above Barranco del Infierno

A New Perspective on Costa Adeje’s Gem

Awe-inspiring views come as standard when you’re paragliding over Costa Adeje, and Barranco del Infierno is one of the real jewels in the crown. As you glide over the ‘Hell’s Ravine,’ a whole new world opens up below you. A canyon that cuts through the serene landscapes of southern Tenerife, its rugged beauty is nothing short of stunning from a bird’s eye view.

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The Unique Features of Barranco del Infierno

Part of the allure of this natural spectacle is its sheer variety. The ravine is home to a plethora of indigenous flora and fauna, and even boasts the island’s only natural waterfall, an element of surprise in this otherwise arid environment. To glide over it is to appreciate it in all its complexity, with each curve and crevice of the canyon walls adding to the drama of the spectacle below.

Documenting the Experience: Aerial Photography and Paragliding

Incorporating aerial photography into your paragliding flight is a fantastic way to document the experience. Capturing the contours of Barranco del Infierno from above offers a unique perspective, revealing features and facets of the landscape that you simply wouldn’t see from ground level.

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Tips for Great Aerial Photos

Successful aerial photography is about more than just pointing and shooting. Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of your in-flight photo session:

Go wide: A wide-angle lens will help you capture as much of the landscape as possible. This is particularly beneficial when you’re dealing with something as expansive as Barranco del Infierno.

Play with light: The way light plays off the ravine’s rocks and water can create some truly stunning effects. Experiment with different exposures to see what works best.

Look for patterns: From above, you’ll notice patterns in the landscape that aren’t visible from ground level. Try to incorporate these into your shots for an added dimension of interest.

Stay safe: Remember, safety is paramount when paragliding. Only take photos when it’s safe to do so, and always keep a firm grip on your equipment.


Bringing it All Together

Combining the adrenaline of paragliding with the artistic challenge of aerial photography, a flight over Barranco del Infierno is a richly rewarding experience. As you glide over its rugged landscapes, camera in hand, you’re not just observing the beauty of this remarkable ravine – you’re immersing yourself in it. And with every click of the shutter, you’re creating a lasting reminder of your journey through the skies of Costa Adeje.


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