A Paragliding over Barranco del Infierno

Paragliding over Barranco del Infierno

A New Perspective on Costa Adeje’s Gem

Awe-inspiring views come as standard when you’re paragliding over Costa Adeje, and Barranco del Infierno is one of the real jewels in the crown. As you glide over the ‘Hell’s Ravine,’ a whole new world opens up below you. A canyon that cuts through the serene landscapes of southern Tenerife, its rugged beauty is nothing short of stunning from a bird’s eye view. Paragliding over Costa Adeje is not just about the thrill of flight, but also about witnessing the breathtaking beauty of Tenerife’s landscapes. Among the most captivating sights to behold is the Barranco del Infierno – the ‘Hell’s Ravine,’ a unique natural reserve treasured for its geological and archaeological significance.

The Intriguing Beauty of Barranco del Infierno

This special natural reserve is a marvel of nature. As your glider takes you smoothly across the sky, you can feast your eyes on the rugged textures of the canyon’s walls, the flourishing endemic flora and fauna, and the rare sight of a waterfall in the heart of this arid environment.

Creating Lasting Memories: Your Aerial Tour Documented

Ensuring your safety and enjoyment during the flight is our top priority. Hence, while you immerse yourself in the wonder of flight and the serene beauty below, our expert pilots double as your personal photographers, capturing these indelible moments.

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Capturing the Unforgettable Journey

After your paragliding adventure, you can relive the magic through professional-grade photographs and videos, available for purchase. These vivid images serve as precious mementos, immortalizing your journey above the stunning landscape of Costa Adeje.


Concluding Your Sky-High Adventure

As you glide over the captivating landscapes, you are not merely observing the beauty of Barranco del Infierno. You are deeply experiencing it, feeling the rush of wind, basking in the radiant sunlight, and cherishing the majestic panorama that spreads out beneath you. These experiences, encapsulated in photographs and video, offer you a timeless reminder of your thrilling sky-high journey over Costa Adeje.

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