Paragliding helmets? Which are the best?

Choosing the best paragliding helmet is not easy, we know.

Taking care of your safety must be your first concern, but also it is important to keep in mind your comfort and your budget. Also, what should you look for in a helmet? How do you know whether it is good or not?

When starting paragliding or renovating your paragliding equipment, there is always a place for doubt. We want to choose wisely and make sure that we are not spending our money for anything. A helmet is one of the most important things you should take care of once you are starting paragliding solo, so it is okay to dedicate some extra time to doing some research and comparing different alternatives.

Today in Overfly we will show you the best paragliding helmets taking into consideration different budgets and your experience in this sport. If you want to find the perfect one for you, then keep reading!

The best paragliding helmet: how do you know it is the right one?

Before jumping right in and starting to show you diverse alternatives, it is important that you learn to choose an adequate helmet by yourself, so you know that what you are buying is just what you need.

Open or full-face paragliding helmets? Which ones are better?

There are two main types of paragliding helmets that you can choose: open or full-face ones. The open face helmets are usually cheaper and more comfortable (although it will depend on you). In summer you will be able to breathe easily and not feel overwhelmed because there is not enough air. To this, we might add that they are lighter than the full face.

However, they have some counterparts. They do not provide the protection that a closed helmet would give you for obvious reasons. Normally your face would not be involved whenever you crash, but it is recomforting to know that it is as protected as the rest of your body. Also, in Summer they are perfect, but if you live somewhere with cold weather, maybe the wind and the Winter might become your biggest enemy.

Full-face helmets do offer you more complete protection and allow you to integrate an intercom system or radio. They also cover your face from wind and will be warmer than the open face ones. And some of them are even considered to be more aerodynamic.

However, open face helmets are cheaper and provide a better visibility. They can be more comfortable and a better option for those who are starting to paraglide. Also, make sure that your helmet is approved by the flight rules from your country.

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Choose the right size

Make sure that when choosing the best paragliding helmet for you, you are also choosing the right size. Having the wrong one can spoil your fun while flying or turn to be dangerous. Usually, there are three different sizes: small, medium, and large. You should measure the perimeter of your head to help you make sure you are buying one that fits you. Always pick the bigger size if you are between two and do not know which one to buy.

How much does a helmet cost?

The prices between one helmet and another can surprisingly vary. It depends on the brand, the type of helmet, the material, and the features they have. Those for advanced paragliding will require a bigger investment to meet the exigencies it has, but the ones meant for beginners, even though they should provide great protection, are usually cheaper.

So you can get a grip on how much it can cost you, the minimum price for a helmet is around 30 or 50€ (yes, they are really cheap), while the most expensive ones can go as high as 200€.

What is the best paragliding helmet you can buy?

Now that we have explained some concepts, it is time that we show you some ideas and options for buying your first or your nest paragliding helmet.

Icaro Skyrunner: for advance paragliding

Skyrunner has produced helmets since 1998 and they have a long run on the industry. The shell of the helmet is done with strong fiberglass layers to provide the best protection and to reduce the impact on your head. They have from Small to XX-Large sizes and it is light and very comfortable, being an open face helmet but with the possibility to add a visor that closes it. It also protects your chin, something that some helmets will not do.

Medium quality helmet: Ozone Shield

This helmet has a medium prize but offers the same features as a professional one. It does not cover your chin, but it comes with an adjustable EPS liner and removable ear pads. It has a universal size, so you will not have to worry about which size to choose. They provide full protection and are very light and comfortable on the head.

Lazer Element’Air + Rollsys: the perfect helmet for beginners

If you are starting to paraglide for the first time and you are trying not to invest so much money in your equipment, then this helmet is perfect for you. It is an open-faced helmet with a technopolymer injected shell, very comfortable, and easy to adjust to your head. It has also removable ear padas and incredible resistance.

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These are some of the best helmets for paragliding that we recommend you. Anyway, do not forget to compare carefully different possibilities so you know you are always buying one that fits your necessities.

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