Can the kids try paragliding? (INFORMATION)

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Can the kids try paragliding?

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Are you planning on going on holiday to Tenerife with all your family? Are you looking for something different and exciting to do? However, can the kids try paragliding? In Overfly we will always keep you informed about everything and we will try to solve all your doubts. Keep reading and find out ifkids can try paragliding.

Can the kids try paragliding then?

The answer is yes: the kids can try paragliding. The minimum age to do so is 6 years old. There is any problem with them joining this experience with you and the rest of your family. They can do also tandem flights accompanied by an adult. It can be their parents or the monitor.  For it, we will need a signed consent of the guardian, and then they can fly as much as they want to.

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Is there special equipment for kids in paragliding?

Just like we will do with all our older customers, we will make sure that the kids can try paragliding safely. Because of this, we have all the equipment they will need for the flight and we will always take care of their safety. This includes different sizes of helmets and a children’s harness

It is safe for kids to do paragliding?

The next question we will always find next to “can the kids try paragliding” is whether paragliding is safe for them. There is no problem at all with kids trying the experience of flying. We have done paragliding courses with many children and there was no problem at all. As long as they follow the rules the instructor will make, they are allowed to have fun and enjoy paragliding just like anyone else.

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Recommendations when kids try paragliding

The recommendations we will advise you here are also useful for adults and anyone who wants to try paragliding. Safety is always key! And also, in Overfly we want to help you to make the best out of this experience so you can enjoy it as much as possible, so better keep reading!

The first thing everyone will recommend you is to choose wisely your outfit. You have to keep in mind that the higher you are, the lower the temperature will be. So, before you choose to wear your favourite shorts or that blouse that you love, look for something more appropriated. The best option would be comfortable and warm clothes so instead of focusing on how cold you are, you can actually admire the incredible views that paragliding offers you.

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Have the best family time doing paragliding with Overfly Tenerife

Paragliding with us can be one of the most incredible experiences for you and your family. Thanks to our team of instructors we can offer you the most exciting activities next to the most qualified monitors. They will keep you safe all the time and will explain to you everything you need to know about doing paragliding with kids.

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