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Can you make a living from paragliding?

Someone said once: “When work is a pleasure, life is a joy!”

Who has not dreamed about transforming their hobby into a real job? Sometimes it might seem difficult, and if you are a paragliding lover, you must be wondering right now: can you make a living from paragliding? In Overfly we will solve all your doubts.

Everything is possible if you are willing to take the risk and work hard for it. Paragliding has that tiny spark of adrenaline that makes your life shine brighter so, why not letting that become your full-time job? Is it possible? How can you do it?

Keep reading to discover it!

Can you actually make a living from paragliding?

Yes, you can! Just like with anything else, you can go on and try to make a living out of paragliding. But before you go ahead and make the leap, there are a couple of things you should know to do it correctly. There are many ways to earn money paragliding.

How to earn money with paragliding

How can you make a living from paragliding? There are three different ways to do so, or at least, we know three different ways that we know you could try.

Become an instructor and work for a big company

The first option you should consider is working as an instructor and teaching other people how to fly. This is a very attractive option because you will be able to transmit your passion for paragliding to others who also want to learn.

You can contact a big paragliding company that will hire you as instructor and it will be way easier. You will save a lot of money and it is a great way to start getting some experience and earning a good reputation.

Start your own business an offer tandem flights

If you are an adventurer and you ‘d like to do it on your own, maybe you could start your own paragliding business and offer paragliding experiences to anyone who is willing to try. You will have much more freedom than working with a big company and you will decide how to manage everything.

The only inconvenience about it is that there is a lot of competition between paragliding business, so if there is one near you, you might want to reconsider moving to another place of finding other alternatives.

Also, you have to remember that the money your business will earn will depend on how flyable the days are and on how many people contact you.

You can make a living from paragliding with individual flying

Like many other sports, it is possible to make a living from paragliding by individual flying. However, this one is one of the most difficult ways to earn money paragliding and only few people are able to make it.

You can start competing and making a name inside the paragliding world to get the attention of some brands. This option is very difficult to make because paragliding is not as popular as other sports, but if you want to try, we encourage you to try it!

Have you found what you were looking for? Are you looking forward to make a living from paragliding? We hope that this post has been helpful for you and that it encouraged you to go on and try to earn money with paragliding.

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