Learning how to paraglide

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As you probably know, paragliding is an extreme aerial sport in which paragliding pilots fly propelled only by wind and gravity. Paragliding is not a sport that you can learn overnight on your own. You must learn how to paraglide under the supervision of a professional — a certified instructor. You will work towards achieving

Paragliding History

paragliding history

Let’s take a look over the origins of this aerial sport As you know, Overfly Tenerife is a paragliding company located in Costa Adeje — at the south of Tenerife, Spain — with more than 30 years of experience. We offer an unforgettable tandem paragliding experience, together with the best information about this sport. Today

How to Choose the Right Paragliding Harness

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It can be a bit overwhelming to choose among all the different paragliding harnesses types available on the market. How do you compare them when there are so many brands, so many features, and so many different styles? We set out the fundamental principles of choosing the right paragliding harness so you can develop a clear sense