How is the climate in Tenerife?

In general, the climate in Tenerife is a mild spring climate throughout the year with an average temperature around 23 º C. Tenerife is well known internationally as the island of eternal spring, being one of the places in Europe with more hours of sunshine a year.

However, Tenerife, Spain, is characterized by the commonly called microclimates, which consist of abrupt climate changes in temperature depending on altitude and orientation giving the island a changing climate depending on the area where you are located.

Today we’re going to tell you how’s the climate in Tenerife month per month.

Climate and average monthly on the island

The best thing about the climate in Tenerife is that the average temperatures are usually between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, which means that you can enjoy the winter and the summer season with this mild climate.

The trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean contribute greatly to this unique climate of the Canary Islands and make us enjoy unique landscapes mainly in the north and northeast slopes of the islands.

climate in tenerife

Keep reading to know how Tenerife’s climate month per month:

Tenerife weather in January: The climate is pleasantly spring, with warm and warm days and mild nights but never more than “cool”.

Speaking of temperatures, in fact, daytime highs reach 21-22 degrees on average but, in the presence of the warm African latitude sun, they give a perceived temperature of over 25 degrees! So you can enjoy nature and sunbathe as we are used to doing in May in Spain! At night, however, temperatures can drop around 15 degrees.

At the end of January, you can still find rainy days, even if they start to decrease compared to the previous 2 months.

Tenerife weather in February: In February, the climate of Tenerife continues to respect the parameters of the previous month. On the other hand, we are always in the short “Canary winter to Tenerife. In fact, the winter is a pleasant opportunity to spend the winter according to temperatures that are absolutely mild but still quite different from the warmest found in the summer of the Canary Islands.

Therefore we always recommend spring/summer clothing during the day and a little more “autumn” at night.

Tenerife weather in March: In March the weather begins to change! Little by little, we abandon the mild winter temperatures and often arrogantly enter a climate very similar to what we call “early summer in Spain”.

Daytime averages increase by 1 or 2 degrees, rainy days tend to be rarer and the sea temperature warms up slightly. It is not uncommon, especially in the second part of the month, to find days to spend entirely on the beach or even in the water.

March is a good time for a good holiday on the island!

Tenerife weather in April: In April, Tenerife prepares to break the summer! Rains are now unlikely, sunny days are the norm, and temperatures rise again. This mixture, especially in the second half of the month, can make you think of the classic end of June in Spain, where tanning is the habit, the use of the sweatshirt begins to be a souvenir and even at night you can walk with a t-shirt.

April is, in fact, the month of the turning point when you enter the classic climate!

Tenerife weather in May: By May the weather on Tenerife becomes really predictable with the south of the island generally enjoying hot and sunny weather and the north also being warm and sunny but with more cloudy spells and still a possibility of rain during the month.

Tenerife weather in June: From June onwards there’s very little rainfall on any coast as summer conditions creep in as the month goes on. In June it is warm and sunny across the island.

Tenerife weather in July: Summer hits full stride during July on Tenerife and temperatures soar, but not as much as on the Spanish mainland. Again it’s a hot and sunny month.

Tenerife weather in August: August is similar to July but hotter. This is the month with more risk of fire forest. It is also the driest month.

Tenerife weather in September: In September, the weather is still typically summery, the days are very long and you can spend nice days on the beach! The maximum temperatures are around 28 degrees, and the warm African latitude sun gives the feeling of exceeding thirty in abundance.

It can be said that the month of September can be considered the hottest, especially in the first half of the month.

climate in tenerife

Tenerife weather in October: The October weather in Tenerife is still very pleasant and still very summery, although especially in the second half of the month some days start to be a little “lighter”, it is still a continuation of the “summer” and then you can continue spending days on the beach.

The maximum temperatures are still around 27 degrees. You could find some days of light rain, almost as a preamble to the arrival of the very mild Canary winter, especially towards the second half of the month.

Tenerife weather in November: In November Tenerife generally changes its climate from summer to a climate more reminiscent of Spanish spring! Although there will be hot days, especially in the first half of the month, the milder days will begin to be felt in the second half. Rains and some clouds begin to appear more frequently and especially at night you will begin to make more useful autumn clothes, such as sweatshirts and scarves or long trousers.

Tenerife weather in December: In December, the climate enters the winter “Canario” with very pleasant days, some even summer… but with more rain and cooler nights.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post about the climate in Tenerife throughout the year. Get in touch with us to know more about this fantastic island and to live a unique experience discovering Tenerife in a different way.

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