The 10 best Costa Adeje tours and activities

If you are already planning your next Costa Adeje holidays, you are probably wondering questions like — what to do in Costa Adeje? Where do I have to go in Costa Adeje? Where can I find the best Costa Adeje accommodation? Take a deep breath and relax, because today at Overfly Tenerife we want to talk about the 10 best Costa Adeje tours and activities.

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As you probably know, we are a paragliding company that organizes tandem paragliding flights. Nevertheless, we know this part of the island like the back of our hand. That is the reason why we have created a list thereupon with our favourite Costa Adeje tours and excursions in order to help you enjoy your stay on the island. Are you ready? Then, off we go!

Top 10 Costa Adeje Tours

As we have said before, we want to show you some of the best things to do in Tenerife South. Down below, we have created a list with the top 10 Costa Adeje Tours. So, if you are interested, take a look at our Costa Adeje Tours Guide hereunder.

Overfly Tenerife – Outdoor Costa Adeje Activities

We are undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Costa Adeje, and we do not say it lightly. The fact that we are the number one of Costa Adeje tours is not our appraisal — it is the appraisal of Trip Advisor thanks to the wonderful reviews of our beloved customers.

Do you consider yourself an adventurous traveller? Then, there is no doubt that paragliding tandem flight is the best option for you during your next holidays in Costa Adeje. Moreover, you can choose one of our different types of flight — standard, performance or acrobatic flight — and you will have the chance to know the island from the highs.


If you are looking for something special, there is no doubt that this is one of the most special experiences to live in the whole Canary Islands. We can assure you that the adrenaline rush you get has no comparison when you see the ground so far and you feel that the world is at your feet! Don’t hesitate to join us in this incomparable adventure!

Whale watching in Costa Adeje – Costa Adeje Boat Trips

One of the most exciting things to do in Costa Adeje is watching whales and dolphins in their own habitat. The island of Tenerife enjoys the privilege of having in its waters a very rich marine fauna, among a great number and a wide variety of whales and dolphins. All of them can be seen on this cruise.

Whale Watch Tenerife organizes the most thrilling and respectful whale and dolphin watching Costa Adeje tours. All of this is made in a comfortable and fast 8 metre whale watching boat. Their staff is composed of the best marine biologists, who will share with you their knowledge and observations.

Every trip must be made up of a maximum of 10 guests on board only, and people of all ages are welcome to this tour. You also have the chance to hire a private tour if that is what you wish! During the trip, you will enjoy the best quality underwater microphone to listen to the sound of whales and dolphins.

The sighting of whales and dolphins is guaranteed. This means that if you don’t see any whale or dolphin, you have the chance to come again for free! Moreover, this tour gives you the best opportunity to see whales and dolphins thanks to its expanded search range.

Furthermore, you will enjoy free tour photos, so that you can simply relax and enjoy the experience. Apart from that, children will find didactic materials on board, so they can easily learn about whales and dolphins — but don’t worry; it is not just for children.  And at last, but not least, the Whale Watch Tenerife tours support different cetacean research and conservation projects.


The biodiversity of the Atlantic Ocean is very extensive, so you should not miss out this exclusive spectacle that nature provides. These tours normally last around two hours. Watching these animals so close to you is a terribly exciting and memorable experience for everyone. This is a unique Tenerife excursion, and it is definitely the best way to explore and discover the Teno-Rasca Marine Protected Area!

Tuk Tuk Tours in Costa Adeje – Outdoor Costa Adeje Tours

Sweet Tours Tenerife is another of the best Costa Adeje tours. It is the most entertaining and ecological way to explore the exquisite Costa Adeje town and its boundless diversity. The wide variety of Costa Adeje tours offered by this company adds the Canary’s tradition on an amazing trip where you have the chance to discover a really suggestive panorama. You are invited to get into the history, the legends, the music and the tastes of this wonderful island!

These Costa Adeje tours are made aboard their great tuk tuks, which are 100% electric.  What could be more fun and healthy than that? Enjoy the vibrant and colourful scene, while you are aboard these comfortable and quiet vehicles while you breathe the fresh air of the Atlantic. Feel how the wind caresses your skin and enjoy the explanation of their multilingual guide, who will tell you all the secrets of this place.

There are different tours that will give you the chance to explore the different parts of the island. For example, in their Costa Adeje tour, you will have the chance to visit memorable places like Plaza El Duque, the Tourist Market, wonderful Costa Adeje beaches like Playa Enramada, Playa del Duque or La Caleta beach, Puerto Colon, San Sebastian or the amazing Duque Castle. This tour leaves no corner unexplored in Costa Adeje!

You can also choose the farm tour, in which you will visit the Canary Farm, Plataneras, the famous Caldera del Rey, Magma and the astonishing Costa Adeje water parkSiam Park. In addition, they will give you a smoothie drink for free! Don’t you want to try it?


Diving on Costa Adeje – Aquatic Costa Adeje tours

Ocean Trek is a dive club located between Playa de Fañabe and Puerto Colon beach, in Costa Adeje. This diving club offers Costa Adeje tours in Playa de Las Americas, not so far from Los Cristianos beach, where you have the chance to dive too. This Tenerife Dive Club is thought for everyone — from novices to experts. They will provide you full training according to PADI-standards.  Undoubtedly, this is Costa Adeje friendliest Scuba Diving Centre.

Ocean Trek organizes their dive tours at over twenty amazingly beautiful dive spots — featuring caves, canyons, drop-offs, wrecks, overhangs, tunnels and other astonishing rock formations of volcanic origin. All of them located in the south of the Tenerife along the coast between Las Eras and Playa San Juan resorts. This tour will give you the chance to see many different fish species and even turtles and dolphins.

We can reach the best dive spots in Tenerife with our minibus or within 30 minutes boat drive from Las Galletas harbour. If you are interested in deep or night dives, they can be arranged upon request in order to suit all your tastes and preferences. These special dive programs can also be arranged for groups. Don’t hesitate to live this amazing experience in Costa Adeje!

Buggy Safari – Costa Adeje Tours

Buggy Safaris is located in Costa Adeje, and it offers tours and excursions for everyone who wants to see and live the island from another point of view. Do you want to live the best buggy safari experience? Then, you just have to join them in this adventure and enjoy their new artic cat’s models. They assure that they will drive you crazy!

The start of this Costa Adeje tour is from a really pretty ecological farm, but the destination is the Teide Volcano. On your way to the Teide National Park, their experienced guides will drive you by the road and by adrenaline track prepared for you in different spots while you enjoy the stunning views of the island.


At the same time, you will have the chance to appreciate every single thing surrounding you. Their professional photographer will make sure to frame your entire journey with lots of amazing pictures and funny videos!

At the end of the tour, you will be provided with a pleasing chill-out degustation of local delicious home-made cheese and extraordinary local wine. Moreover, you can also meet the adorable finca people. Give it a try, they may drive you crazy!

Luxury Sailboat – Costa Adeje Tours

This luxury sailboat gives you the chance to sail away and enjoy a marvellous day of luxury, together with delicious Canarian food and lots of fun during this 3 hour sailing Costa Adeje tour. This experience allows you to spend a great day swimming, eating and relaxing on board your sailing vessel, while you enjoy the majestic views of our beloved Costa Adeje.

Furthermore, if you keep your eyes wide open, you will probably have the chance to observe the marine life of the Atlantic Ocean, such as the whales, turtles, and dolphins that we have mentioned before.

Apart from that, you will count on round-trip hotel transport, together with beverages and snacks, all of it included in the price. If you want even more, you can upgrade your experience choosing the optional celebration package, which offers delicious paella, together with the best Spanish Cava and wine, and a delicious dessert. Treat yourself and live this luxury experience!

Down Hill Bike Tour – Costa Adeje Cycling Tours

Mr. Bike gives you the chance to enjoy the best cycling experience in Costa Adeje. You can rent a bike if you are thinking to spend a few days in the south of the island in order to ride freely by the beautiful streets or even for going to the beach.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you to enjoy this marvellous Costa Adeje cycling tour. Mr. Bike will take you up to the Teide National Park in a minibus. You will start at 2180 metres tall, coming down on bikes and covering approximately 35 kilometres on surfaced roads.


All of this will be made at a moderate speed and making frequent stops to enjoy the views, taking pictures, or having a drink together with delicious local tapas at 1000 metres tall. Downhill bike tour is a very relaxing experience which will show you the hidden treasures of Tenerife.

Give yourself the chance to feel the lovely breeze on your face, breathing in the wonderful smell of pine forest, the views of beautiful wild flowers and delight in their vivid colours that contrast with the intense blue of the sky.

You will head down through a marvellous sea of clouds, which is the perfect time to take pictures of your travel. Enjoy the different routes and the many different experiences, such as watching the astonishing sunrise from the base of Mount Teide. If you love cycling, you can’t miss this opportunity!

Ecologic Segway Sport – Outdoors Costa Adeje Tours

Segway Tenerife organizes the most ecologic Segway Costa Adeje tours are available for children since 6 years old henceforth — so it is the perfect option for families. It provides a non-polluting alternative, as well as a different and funny way to discover the island. It also allows you to do it effortless, so you will have the chance to enjoy more places in less time.

Before starting the tour, they will teach you to drive your Segway safely. But don’t worry, it is quite easy, so we are sure that you will get it in a few minutes. The Segway controls the force and balance, so you just have to control the speed and the direction.

You two different options available of Segway Costa Adeje tours — the explorer tour, in which you will cover 9 kilometres and which will last around 1 hour and 20 minutes; and the expedition tour, in which you will cover 18 kilometres and which will last around 2 hours and 20 minutes. Don’t hesitate to live this extremely funny Segway experience!

Galatea – Costa Adeje Sailing Tours


Galatea is the perfect tour to be done with your family or friends. Feel relaxed and enjoy in complete harmony with nature while you sail at one of the most beautiful seas of the whole word. Galatea offers you a luxury experience at a very reasonable price.

You will be on a sailboat which has been specially designed for providing the maximum comfort during the excursion. You will depart from Puerto Colon, located in Costa Adeje, which is the most central port of Tenerife.

Galatea is a company which offers different types of excursions and private charters with the maximum privacy in the south of Tenerife. The captain is included, and their crew has more than 20 years of navigation experience through the Canary Islands, Africa, and Mediterranean Seas. Apart from that, they speak Spanish, English, and French.

Kayaking Tenerife, snorkelling with turtles — Costa Adeje Kayaking Tours

Kayaking Atlantis is a snorkelling and kayaking company that gives you the chance to enjoy the experience of practice snorkelling with turtles. It is one of the best Costa Adeje tours that you can do with your family!

The price includes the pick up from your hotel, the appropriate gear, a professional guide who will be with you every time, and the insurance. If you come with kids between 6 and 10 years old, they don’t have to pay, they go for free!

In addition, you can take pictures of the whole tour if you pay an additional price. There are different tours, but take a look at the special offers before booking packages of kayaking plus scuba diving. They are open daily, so you can enjoy this tour any day of the week from Monday to Sunday. It starts at Los Cristianos beach. Live the kayaking experience!


We hope that you have enjoyed reading this post about the 10 best Costa Adeje tours as much as we have enjoyed writing it. We remember you that if you have any doubt, you need further information or if you are interested in our tandem paragliding flights, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our crew is looking forward to seeing you soon in the south of Tenerife.


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