Do Paragliders Wear Parachutes?

Do you know how to take care of your safety when you are paragliding? Do you know what pilots use in case they have an emergency? Paragliding can be dangerous sometimes and so we should be careful. However, do paragliders wear parachutes?

It sounds like a redundant question, but it still has sense, right?

Should they use a parachute when the paraglider has something wrong? In this post of Overfly we will cover everything that you need to know about whether do paragliders wear a parachute or not.

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Then, do paragliders wear parachutes?

And the answer is yes, paragliders do wear a parachute in case something wrong happens. You always must take care of your safety, don’t forget it! Because of this, all harnesses will have a reserve parachute connected to them just in case to prevent any aerial accident.

If paragliders wear a parachute, they will have a bigger peace of mind and feel better when they are flying. It is nice to know that no matter what you do, you will have something to cover you if your paraglider fails.
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Why do paragliders need a reserve parachute?

There are serveral reasons why paragliders wear parachutes, and you should keep them all in mind before, during and after your flights because we are sure that by now you have already encounter at least one of these situations.

To prevent them from bad weather conditions

It is true that a great paraglider will check the weather in advance their flight to know whether it is safe or not, but nature is still unpredictable and an unexpected strong wind can hit you and spoil your fun. Taking a reserve parachute will always be very handy in these type of situations.

Just in case of collision

Remember, you are not the only one in the sky! There are many other people or things you can find during your flight. If you take the chance and you collapse with someone else, then your harness, your wing, or any other part of your paraglider can get damaged and because of paragliders wear parachutes.

Failure of the equipment

No one is perfect, and not is your equipment. It can fail you someday. Even the most new and fine equipment can cause problems at any moment and a good paraglider should be prepared for that. Taking a reserve parachute with you will always make your feel safer.

Expert paragliders also make mistakes

Okay, so as we said before, no one is perfect! You can make mistakes and there will be a day where you will forget to do this very important thing and then your safety will be threatened. Carrying a reserve parachute is very useful because it will mend any horrible mistake that you might have made.

You will feel more confortable

Just like a like a little kid wearing stabilisers on their first bike, you will feel more at ease if you have something to back you up at a hard time. You will lose fear more easily and trying new tricks won’t be that difficult for you.

Most of the paragliders will wear  parachutes, in fact, the experts pilots will always make sure that they count on a reserve on their paraglider. However, what different parachutes are? Which one is the best one? Do you have to buy a certain type of parachute?

Keep reading to know more about how to choose the best parachute for you!

Types of paragliding parachutes → which one is the best?

So, now you know that paragliders do wear  parachutes and why do they use them, you must be wondering which reserve parachute is the best one and what types of parachutes are there. It all depends on the type of paragliding you do and the places where you go.

These are the different types of parachutes that paragliders carry.

Pulled – down Apex → for the most conservatives

This type of parachutes is the most common and the more used along the years. It is the one that paragliders usually uses and the more reliable one because it is simple and easy to use. People usually prefer it because is the traditional one and because of its price.

Cruciform → for more stability

Sometimes paragliders can wear a cruciform parachute, which help keeping the descent rate at the same pace and also offers more stability. Its package is more compact, but you won’t be able to take any control over the direction where you are heading.

Ram – air → if you love acroparagliding

This is specially made for acro paragliders who prefer strong emotions. Unlike the others, this parachute will allow you to land at the place you want thanks to its design.

Square – round

This type of reserve parachute can be perfect if you can invest some more money and if you are not sure about what you really need. It combines the best features of the Apex and the Cruciform parachutes with some more additions.

It will open quickly and will offer you a softer descent rate.

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Are you sure that you know now everything about paragliding? So yes, paragliders wear parachutes, we know what type of parachutes they can carry and why do they use them. But there are still many other things that you might like to know.

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