Top 6 golf courses in Tenerife South

If you are here it is probably because you are looking for the best things to do during your stay in Tenerife. Maybe you are planning your holiday trip or you are a local looking for new adventures and experiences. At Overfly Tenerife, located in Costa Adeje, we offer you the chance to conquer the heavens of Tenerife with our amazing paragliding flights.

But we know that paragliding is just one of the multiple choices available of activities in the island. This post is addressed to golf lovers, even for those who are just interested in trying it. Are you interested in golf courses in Tenerife South? In order to improve your experience in the island during your Tenerife golf holidays, we have created a list with the best golf courses in Tenerife south.

The best golf courses in Tenerife South

As you already know, Tenerife is located in the Canary Islands. What you probably didn’t know is that it is a paradise for golfers during the whole year. Why? It is very simple! This is due to its average yearly temperature of 23°C. The weather in this island is amazing! Another reason why it is perfect for golfers is its location. It is located just 4 hours flight distance from central Europe.

Golf courses in Tenerife south — most of them offer spectacular views to the ocean and a wide variety of challenges. We have chosen our favourite’s golf courses in Tenerife south to create our list. Let’s get started!

Golf Costa Adeje Course – the Jewel of Tenerife South

This golf course in Tenerife south can be seen from the air in our marvellous paragliding flights at Overfly Tenerife — and believe us, the views are stunning. Golf Costa Adeje was designed by the internationally recognised Spanish architect José Gancedo, and it was first opened in 1998. It consists of 27 hole and its design takes advantage of the natural characteristics of the land and landmarks from its former use as a banana plantation. Thanks to this fact, the course is challenging but fair.

One of the best things of this golf camp is that players enjoy the amazing views over La Gomera Island, and its large, fast greens that are a real challenge. Moreover, holes are quite long, so this golf course in Tenerife south is a great choice for long hitters. And what’s more, some of the golf professionals that have visited Costa Adeje course are eminences like José Molina, Laurent Petit, or Eric Rikkers among others.

If you want our advice, let us tell you that this is a very popular course with fast rounds, so booking in advance is the best options in the main season — from September to March. Furthermore, we suggest you to combine playing golf at this Tenerife golf course with a stay at the nearby golf hotels in Tenerife south. You will find all the best in Costa Adeje!

Los Lagos Golf Course – the Lakes at Tenerife South

Los Lagos Golf Course was founded in 1976, but don’t worry, it was later totally refurbished in 2012. Anyway, it keeps the original design of Robert Trent Jones nowadays. This course is the largest of the golf courses located in Costa Adeje, at Tenerife South — with its 6,536 metres.

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This course provides some of the best Tenerife golf services and characteristics like soft slopes, wide fairways and few forest trees obstacles. It is defended by many bunkers and approximately nine lakes — that is the reason why it is called “Los Lagos”, “The lakes”. The greens are large and flat, with very sensitive undulations. Some of the characteristics can be modified in order to reduce or increase the difficulty to your choice.

The last 9 holes were built next to the practice drive. They are a little bit shorter than the others, but they are also more technical. Among all the advantages and facilities that you will find here, one of the most important points is that it is suitable for kind of handicap players, being one of the most famous golf courses of Tenerife South.

As you can see, Los Lagos is a very complete golf course in Tenerife south. And if you take in account the astonishing sea views and the pretty 9 lakes, the game becomes even more interesting and fun. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, remember that this is place for everyone — where people with any handicap can also enjoy this fantastic sport.

Las Américas Golf Course- The Water Obstacle Challenge at Tenerife South

This outstanding golf course is situated in the heart of Playa de Las Américas, located at Tenerife south. Las Américas Golf Course is one of the most important tourist centres in the whole island, and it was designed by John Jacobs in 1998.

Las Américas Golf Course is marked for its excellent standards of maintenance, and it is considered as a pure joy to play — except when there are very windy conditions. Because when it is very windy, the water obstacles imply a very serious challenge.

Some golf professionals have been playing in Las Américas Golf Course, for instance Marc Sabater. This golf course in Tenerife south is a championship 18 hole par 72 course with an overall length of 6.051 meters. All that space is full of lakes, rivers and winding cliffs throughout the course.

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You should know that the ninth hole runs downhill with a right angle dogleg to a large elevated green. So, it offers a good chance for new players, even for those who have already played but they are not experts in the sport yet.

Golf Del Sur – The Course For Precise Hitters in Tenerife Southeast

Golf Del Sur is a 27 hole project with three 9 hole courses. It was designed by José Gancedo and Manuel Piñero, and built in 1987. This course is located at the south east coast of the island, and it consist of two different courses, both of them suited with the best facilities.

Regarding to all playable combinations, the courses add up to Par 72. Since it was first open in 1987, it has been headquarter for international PGA tournaments. Moreover, the famous golf professional long-hitter Karl Woodward beat his world record shot of 408 yards here in 1999.

This undulating golf course in Tenerife south has elevated greens and wide fairways. All of this with fascinating black volcanic sand bunkers and some complex water hazards. In this course, precise shots are required — but apart from that, it offers astonishing views and lots of fun, plus the feeling of being in an oasis thanks to the preservation of the natural flora and fauna around the course.

If you want our advice, we have to tell you that the North Course of the two mentioned before, offer a wider variety.  Furthermore, it offers a lot of excitement from the “blind” first hole to the out of bounds cliffs on the edge of the 3rd and 4th holes, and a tricky water hazard that makes reaching the 7th green something of a relief.

Amarilla Golf Course & Country Club – The Ocean Fairway Tenerife Southeast

The Amarilla Golf Course is located in Tenerife southeast and it is especially impressive due to its volcanic and barren landscape. This course was designed by the British architect Donald Steel. He was said to create the best golf course of the world, and definitely it could be considered the best. It was built and 1989.

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Amarilla golf course is truly a jewel. We know that you will enjoy playing there thanks to the freedom of choice in shot offered by each hole. We strongly recommend you to follow our advice — the signature hole is the short but spectacular Par 3 hole number 5. The teeing off from one cliff, the ocean becomes the fairway and it must be crossed to the green on the next cliff, transforming the short distance into a major obstacle. Don’t you want to try it?

Abama Golf Course – The Design Masterpiece in Tenerife Southwest

Abama Golf Course was designed by Dave Thomas, and built in 2005. This relatively new golf course located at Tenerife south is definitely a treasure. It is magnificently set, and it consists of a creek and a few lakes that take part of the game as obstacles. This beautiful golf course offers 18 holes of interesting play with a total elevation of nearly 300 metres.

There are undulating and elevated greens that present a challenge to the player. Some professional golf players have been trying this course, such as Mark Pursey. Furthermore, Abama Golf Course also organises an annual professional event during the spring.

Our top tip for you is that the signature hole is the 10th, and you should know how beauty it is — a par 5 with a dramatic elevation change as you go downhill past water hazards to the left and bunkers to the right, to the final dogleg. You can’t miss this marvellous experience!

Equipment needed for golf courses in Tenerife South

We have created a list with the most important equipment that you need to carry with you if you want to play golf in any of the courses in Tenerife south. If you are an expert player, it is probable that you already have it all — if not, you should know that you can buy it in any golf specialty shops in Costa Adeje.

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Golf clubs

Most new players acquire a set of new or used clubs. These normally include a driver, two or three woods, several irons, a pitching or sand wedge and putter.

Golf shoes

They are not required on all courses, but golf shoes are beneficial to both new and experienced golfers. Make sure to purchase a comfortable shoe.

Golf Bags

After a golfer gets the clubs, golf balls and tees, the question is — where do you keep them all? Luckily, there are plenty of golf bags available on the market, ranging from low-cost bags with the basics to intricate designs with lots of pockets.

Things that you should always carry in your golf bag

Now that we have mentioned the equipment needed for playing golf, are you wondering which kind of equipment you should carry in your golf bag? We have created a list with everything needed to play in any golf course in Tenerife south.

New Golf Balls

You can have the best golf clubs, but you won’t do anything with them if you don’t have a couple of new balls at least. We strongly recommend you to buy a box full of new balls.

Old Golf Balls

Well, we have already mentioned the new balls, but it is very important to carry with you old balls too. They are really useful for extra practice. They can be damaged or out-of-service, it doesn’t really matter — these balls are perfect for this purpose. Maybe you can even use them if you are having a bad day and all your shots go straight to the woods or water.

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Rain Gear

Wearing rain gear includes carrying a jacket, some pants, a hat and a pair of rain gloves. You should also make sure that you have a cover or a hood for your bag — this way, your sticks will also stay dry.


If you are an avid golfer, you are going to get caught in a storm at least once in a lifetime. So, apart from the rain gear, we strongly recommend you to take an umbrella with you. You should be prepared if the sky starts crying.

First-Aid Kit

You cannot take a complete first-aid kit in your golf bag, but you can take some of the basics, including things like ibuprofen, bandages, wraps, lip balm, or even a small knife for getting out splinters. The first rule when you go to a golf course in Tenerife south is to be safe!

Sun cream

A striking amount of golf players are battling or have battled skin cancer. This is very striking, we know, but we beg you to prevent this horrible fact using sun cream.


This is a must for a golf player. In fact, you can’t just caryy one in your golf bag. You will need one for your club, another one for your hands, neck and face, and one more just in your things get wet.


Of course that a scorecard is not compulsory, but it is really useful in order to remember your score. If you are very competitive, you won’t be able to play golf without a scorecard!

Golf Tees

These are a must as part of the equipment in order to do the teeing-off process. All the holes on a golf course feature a tee box. Thus, tees are compulsory to play golf — especially on par 4s and 5s, where teeing it up with a driver or 3-wood is a common approach to a hole. You will find tees in a variety of lengths, materials and colours.

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A pair of extra socks

Maybe you will be playing for a long time and you want to change your socks between rounds. If you are an expert, you will probably know why. If not, you should know that you can step in the lake or in a puddle, and you don’t want to keep your feet wet for the rest of the day. So you should make sure to take out the used pair of socks after the round.


Apart from the rain gloves mentioned before, you have to keep in mind that carrying more than a pair of gloves is always a good option. Three is the optimum amount — one for practice, one for play and one in reserve.

Energy bars

Of course that this is not compulsory, but there is no doubt that it is very highly recommended. Why? Because golf is a very exhausting sport and you don’t want to run out of battery soon.

A bottle of water

Once again, this is not compulsory, but you better make sure to have a bottle of water by your side. Ensure that it is always full before each round in order to avoid being thirty during the game.

Cash and coins

You should always carry money with you — and if you are going to play golf maybe you want to add the game a little bit of action vetting some money with your playing partners, or maybe you just want to leave a tip to the cart guys after the round. Apart from that, coins can be used as a ball marker.

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If you have read this post and you have felt the necessity to spend your golf holidays enjoying a course in Tenerife south among other adventures as a paragliding experience with Overfly Tenerife, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be pleased to give you all the information needed to improve your experience as much as possible!

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