How do paragliders take off?

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How is paragliding take-off?

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If it is your first time practicing tandem paragliding or if you are thinking about doing your paragliding course to become a paragliding pilot, you are probably wondering how is paragliding take-off. Here, we will explain all you need to know about how is paragliding take-off in Tenerife.

Paragliding take-off concept

If you want to know how is paragliding take-off, you must first understand what the wing lift is for. The paraglider has two main layers, the top and bottom surfaces. The lift is obtained when the air travels greater distance and higher speed on its upper surface —top surface — than the one that runs through the bottom — bottom surface.

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All paragliders take off when they reach a minimum lift speed. To perform the take-off manoeuvre correctly you must raise your wing at the apex, directly above, and perform a controlled and progressive run in the direction of the wind.

On the other hand, if the paraglider is behind or ahead of the vertex position, the take-off will be temporary or, at best, it will not occur at all. A smooth take-off will not take place unless the paraglider is perfectly centred above.

Now, you just have to choose any of the options that Overfly Tenerife offers in paragliding tandem flights for its clients. And, once we have taken off, simply enjoy a beautiful paragliding landing on the beach. What are you waiting for? Contact us!

Paragliding take-off techniques

There are two different paragliding take-off techniques, the front and the reverse ones. Each of them is used depending on the intensity of the wind and/or the orographic characteristics of the take-off. The paragliding launch technique is decided by the pilot according to his experience.

The front paragliding take-off technique must be done with the wing at your back and perfectly aligned towards the wind. When you start the take-off, you should gradually accelerate until the wing is perfectly centred above and then run progressively and directly into the wind.

The reverse paragliding take-off technique is done with the wing in front of the pilot and, when the pilot is lifting it, it allows to have better control since you can redirect the paraglider as it goes up, even in strong winds.

How is paragliding take-off in Tenerife?

Tenerife is one of the best places to paraglide in Spain. Here we have innumerable paragliding take off sites and they all have unique characteristics. The vast majority stand out for being small, so they require an excellent control of the wing.

The one that local pilots and two-seater pilots prefer is the reverse paragliding take-off technique due to it allows a greater control when you start the take-off race.

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How is tandem paragliding take-off?

If this is your first time practicing tandem paragliding, you may be wondering how is tandem paragliding take-off and what a passenger should do during the take-off paragliding.
Our Overfly Tenerife pilots have more than 26 years of experience in taking off from different places on the island of Tenerife. We know perfectly all the techniques that should be used in each of them and how to guide our passengers so that everything goes perfect.

Passengers will receive instructions from how is a tandem paragliding take off before they do their paragliding tandem flight. These instructions are essentially “walking” when the pilot tells you to do it to raise the wing directly above. Then, you will have to run when the paraglider is perfectly centred and controlled to start the flight. It is essential to remain upright and not sit down to correctly complete the take-off manoeuvre.

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