How long does a paragliding flight last?

Is it your first time trying this aerial sport? You have had some instructions but still have some doubts? We are here to solve all your queries. Do you want to know how long does a paragliding flight last? 

Maybe you are concerned about how long you will stay on the flight or how long your wing will allow you to be in the air. Even if you are trying to experience it for the first time with a tandem flight, this could be a doubt that might arise.

Before you go on and start paraglidingyou should make sure all your worries are gone and that everything is clear. Do not forget to ask your instructor or the monitor that is doing the activity with you any question you might have. Later, this will save you tons of preoccupation!

In this post, we will explain all you need to know about how long does a paragliding flight lasts and even more! Are you ready?

how long paragliding flight

Paragliding flight duration: how long does it last?

Like every sport, it is difficult to determine exactly sometimes how long we can spend in the air. It will depend on your level of expertise, your physical condition, and many other external issues like the weather or the gear you are using.

Just like a professional runner with good footwear can last hours running and a beginner with tennis shoes will only be able to go around the block once and then come back. It is not always the same.

Moreover, you might not fly alone and maybe you are reading this post because you are planning to try it with a paragliding tandem company that allows you to do so. The duration will also depend, then, on the company, you have chosen and on the routes, they have prepared for you.  

Yes, there are, actually, many factors that interfere with your flight, and therefore, how long will it last. Before you go solo and debut on your own, keep this in mind and know where your limits are.

So then, how long does a paragliding flight last?

Your paragliding gear will allow you to fly during hours and hours and you will be able to travel long distances with it. However, the usual duration of a paragliding flight is about one to two hours. After that, you might grow tired, cold or your equipment will not work just as well.

On what depends on the duration of the flight?

As we have repeatedly said, the duration of the flight depends on many things. Here we will explain a little bit more about what and why it is like that so you can be more prepared for your next adventure.

Your ability with paragliding

Even though it might look like you do not need to do anything while flying, a professional paragliding expert has to know how to do stunts and take advantage of the sources of lift that the weather is giving you. 

If you recognise where to go and how to take a lift, then you will be able to last longer. Do not worry if your flights are not as you would want them to. If you are a beginner this is normal, and it will take time and practise to master it.

Weather conditions

The weather conditions are also a big thing to consider when you are calculating the duration of your next flight. You will not be able to fly as much as there are not that many thermal currents or lifts around you. Also, it might be possible that it starts raining in the middle of it, so you must land immediately.

Therefore, we always recommend you checking several times the weather forecast and also choose wisely the place where you are trying to paraglide. No wind can be problematic, but also the excess of wind will impede you from continuing with the flight.

The location where you are flying

If you are in a good place to paraglide with tons of free space to fly freely, then probably your flight will last longer. Also, the climate plays an important part in it, since every place has different weather conditions and it will affect the time in the air, as we have seen before.

Flying solo or with a company

We have also mentioned that when thinking about how long a paragliding flight lasts, the duration will vary depending on whether you are flying by yourself or doing a tandem flight with a paragliding company.

Obviously, if you are already flying by yourself, you are the one who can choose how long it will last. However, paragliding companies can offer different durations. It will vary on the place and on the offers they have.

For example, some might give you 20 minutes of flight and also have other options like a 30-minute flight. In Overfly we have tandem flights that last from 15 to 20 minutes and some that will go on until 30 minutes long.

how much time paragliding takes

How long does a paragliding flight last? Experience it by yourself!

If you want to know how does it feel like to fly like a bird and touch the clouds with the tip of your fingers, then paragliding is the right sport for you, as you might know.

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And if you want to keep learning more about paragliding, do not stop consulting our blog every once in a while, we upload new content every month!

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