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How safe is Tandem Paragliding?

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How safe is tandem paragliding in Tenerife?

How safe is tandem paragliding in Tenerife? This is the question that customers often ask our instructors before they perform their first tandem paragliding flight.

Paragliding is a sport regarded as extreme adventure and it is considered very safe at the same time — as long as the rules and regulations are complied with. This concept is important both when we take paragliding lessons to learn to paraglide, and when we want to hire our first tandem paragliding experience.

How safe is tandem paragliding in TenerifeIs paragliding safe? We will explain in our paragliding guide the factors that you should consider if you are thinking about having your first contact with paragliding in Tenerife.

Tandem paragliding safety

Is paragliding safe? As we have said before, our first tandem paragliding experience will be fantastic as long as the rules and regulations are complied with. If you want to achieve the status of professional, you must go through an evolutionary process as a pilot. This process begins the same day that you make your first flight.

After a few years of experience and progression as a pilot and after flying thousands of times in different places you will be ready to take paragliding lessons again. This time, you will do the Tandem Paragliding Pilot Course.

Once the course is finished, the pilots must necessarily pass through a period of practice to refine the technique learned. It is then when they obtain their tandem paragliding pilot license permanently.

The Royal Spanish Aeronautical Federation (Real Federación Aeronáutica Española) in Spain is the one that groups and supports all the regional federations, which grant the tandem paragliding pilot license.

How safe is tandem paragliding in Tenerife? If we consider that the rules and regulations are complied with, and the professional pilots have the appropriate training and the qualification that certifies it, our answer is definitely yes, it is very safe.

Tandem paragliding companies

How safe is tandem paragliding in Tenerife? There are a large number of tandem paragliding companies in Tenerife. As a rule, they are focused on providing a good service with a high level of security. This means that they pay a lot of attention not to skip any precautions in a tandem paragliding take off.

The pilots are also very rigorous when it comes to renewing their paragliding equipment after each season. They are trained to properly analyze the weather conditions and to choose the most propitious moment to take off.

So, when you wonder how safe is tandem paragliding in Tenerife, we can say that paragliding is a very safe activity as long as the rules and regulations are followed and the tandem paragliding companies are not exempt from compliance. If you also respect them, there is nothing to worry about.

Therefore, we suggest you to inform yourself adequately and do a background research of the tandem paragliding company that you have chosen to do your first tandem paragliding flight and thus, having a great paragliding experience!