How to identify a good paragliding site → find the best ones

Looking for the best spots to do paragliding? What do you need to identify a good paragliding site? Here in Overfly we have once talked about the best paragliding sites in Tenerife, but this time we are going to explain to you what it takes for a place to be a great paragliding site. Keep reading and you will find everything about it!

First we want to remind you that in Overfly we are experts in paragliding. We have over 30 years of experience behind us and we love transmitting our passion for flying to everyone. That is why we bring to you our best tips for knowing how to identify a good paragliding site! After this post you will not be able to say no to paragliding in Tenerife.

Find a place with the best weather conditions

Are the weather conditions important in order to identify a good paragliding site? Yes, they are. Even though sometimes we can trick bad weather and doing paragliding can be adapted to certain circumstances, it is true that you need a certain number of weather conditions so you can enjoy as much as possible your flight.

Sun, sun, rain! → better without rain

We must admit that if you live in a rainy place, it is not so recommendable to do paragliding. Rain is one of the main reasons why many paragliding flights end up being cancelled. This is due to the material of the paraglider wing is not water resistant.

This means that if you do paragliding in the rain, the paraglider wing due to the water, can increase its weight and therefore difficult flying, resulting even dangerous sometimes depending on the strength of the rain.

Here we show the perfect places where to paraglide.

Can you do paragliding with no wind?

Many people when thinking about doing paragliding would worry about having too much wind or not wind at all when starting to fly. This is an important factor since wind is one of the main elements that will make your paraglider fly.

However, it is not always necessary to have wind to fly. It is possible to start flying just by running downhill and simulating like that the same effect that wind would have on the wing. What is important at most is that the wind velocity is not too strong, because it can be dangerous.

When trying to identify a good place to do paragliding, you should look for a place with nice wind streams that will help you flying.

The landscape is always important

Of course, another one of the conditions to know how to identify a good paragliding site is how suitable is the landscape for it. What do you need so you can paraglide properly? Here you have some of our best tips to find the best sport to paraglide.

The hills are your best friends, but also flat fields!

If you have done paragliding before, probably you already know how important that it is for any paragliding flight to count on hills to start flying. Slopes are the best friends of any expert paraglider, so find the best ones to make it the best experience ever.

However, you will also need to spot some flat fields. These can turn out to be very helpful when you are landing because there you will have space enough and it will be safer this way. Make sure that there is not obstacles intervening like trees or rocks because it can turn out to be pretty dangerous, or at least, they can difficult your landing.

What about the views?

Isn’t the views one of the main reasons why we do paragliding? Then we should also take it into consideration when trying to identify a good paragliding site. One of our biggest motivations in Overfly is being able to see the whole Costa Adeje from the beautiful Canarian sky.

Enjoy the panoramic views of your favourite places and have fun flying like a bird anywhere you go. Trying to find the best places will always assure you a great and unforgettable experience.

Safety first, always

It does not matter how great the views are, how suitable the landscape is or how much you know about paragliding, safety is always the first thing you have to look for when trying to identify a good place for paragliding.

Look for clear spaces without obstacles

If the space you are thinking about has too many bushes, trees or rocks, then you should think it twice. Even though you might think that you can control it, nature is unpredictable and it can really turn up to be dangerous.

Try to identify a good paragliding site suitable for you level

You will not need the same things when you are a beginner than when you are already an expert on paragliding. That is why you should consider in what level you are and which are the conditions you should identify in a good paragliding site in order for it to be perfect for you.

  • If you are a beginner: then you should first consider not flying alone and finding someone with more experience that can help you in case something happens. Places with soft slopes and wide clear fields are perfect for you, since there you will able to fly without having to worry about anything else.
  • For advanced experts in paragliding, there is a wider range of places you could go. Once that you acquire certain level, you are able to choose more challenging paragliding sports with stronger air currents or different types of landscapes.

The best places to do paragliding are here.

How to identify a good paragliding site in Tenerife: you can count on Overfly!

In Overfly we are proud to say that we count with one of the best paragliding sites in Tenerife and even Spain. Here, in Costa Adeje, you will find the perfect mix between beauty and adventure.

Do not wait anymore and book one of our flights! And off we go!

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