Overfly receives the Travellers’ Choice 2020

Overfly has received this August the Travellers’ Choice 2020 Award of TripAdvisor, which is given only to a 10% out of the best attractions in the world. 

To choose the winners of this prestigious prize. TripAdvisor analyses and compares the different comments, opinions, and evaluations of the users from all the attractions in the world. Among them, they will select the ones with the highest scores. 

This prize is also given to the best beaches, restaurants, hotels, or holiday destinations at a global level. The Travellers’ Choice has worldwide recognition and places the winners between the best business in the world. 

In the category “The Best Attraction” you can also find well-known places such as the Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando, the Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, the Tivoli garden in Dinamarca, the Europa Park in Germany, or Disneyland Paris in France. 

tripadvisor premios

In Overfly we have reached more than 30 years flying with you, and we are extremely proud to receive this prize. We work every day so we can offer a unique and unforgettable experience to our clients and also spread our passion for this sport. Thanks to that, we have been able to show the beauty of the landscapes in Tenerife from a completely different point of view that has captivated every one of our clients. 

Being rewarded the Travellers’ Choice from TripAdvisor means that, even in the difficult situation we are living because of COVID-19, you are still choosing us and considering Overfly as a secure place to have fun and enjoy a different sport. 

Our installations and all the activities in our catalog have been adapted to the security measures and our team has been trained to provide safer flights that do not put at risk our client’s health. Thanks to their compromise, we can provide an experience that maintains our true paragliding essence, next to the comfort of the users. 

After all these years in the paragliding industry and more than 500 positive comments in TripAdvisor, we are happy to see that our efforts have been rewarded. We will keep on offering the most unique experiences and the highest quality.


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