How Much Does a Paraglider Cost? How to get started!

How much does a paraglider cost?

Are you considering starting a new sport? Is paragliding your biggest dream? In Overfly we know how special it is to surf the skies and watch the whole world from above, so we want to encourage you to do it.

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This might be one of the main issues you might have when starting to paraglide. How much money do you need? Is it worth it to invest in buying my own equipment? Every single paraglider has found himself wandering around this same question. Today, we unravel it for you.

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What is the price for a paraglider?

Just like everything else, the price you pay for a paraglider will depend on what kind of paraglider you want to purchase, how much use you are planning to do of it and how much you know about the sport.

Attention, before you go ahead and start looking at different prices, you should know that paragliders require that you invest some money on them. For your safety, it is important that you make sure that the quality and the resistance of your paraglider is optimal.

Please do not hesitate on spending some extra money to get the best equipment and being able to truly enjoy your time paragliding.

Cost of paragliding

Paragliders can cost you around 3.500€ or 4.000€ depending on the brand you choose and the model you prefer. There are also some shops where you will be able to find models under 3.000€ which are also attractive.

If you want to save up some money, you can also try to buy a second-hand paraglider. This alternative is much cheaper; however, you should spend more time on finding the right one for you.

And what about the cost of the paragliding equipment?

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As you might know by now, there are many other apart from the paraglider. This includes the equipment, the safety gear and the accessories that will help you paraglide. We insist on buying good quality equipment and comparing different brands since we are talking about the materials that will make your trip safer and more enjoyable.

Here you can find a list of some of the materials you will need and their price:

  • Paraglider harness: not all harnesses are the same. Some of them have extra straps for you to place your feet while flying. Also, they might place you in a more reclined position or have different shapes. Find the one that suits you the best and that has the more accommodations. The cheapest harness will cost you about 500€ while the most expensive cant be more than 2000€.
  • The helmet: the helmet is another basic equipment for paragliding. Be sure that you choose one that feels comfortable and that covers your face from all its different angles since you never know in which position you will hit the ground. This should add to the cost of the paragliding about 300€ depending on the brand.
  • Footwear: Yes! You need special shoes to fly. Your feet will suffer from great impact during landing and it will be very easy that you twist your ankle. Choose some shoes or boots that cover them and protect them and that feel comfortable to you. The price can be around 300€ to 400€.
  • GPS: this is one of the most basic items for any paraglider. There are many different options and alternatives. If you are starting, it will cost you around 100€ but the most professional ones can be up to 400€.
  • The paragliding reserve: do not forget to purchase a paragliding reserve in case you have any problem while flying. Try to get the biggest one you can and with good aerodynamic properties. The price range is very wide, from 600€ on cheaper models up to more than 1000€.
  • Buy a variometer: inside the cost of a paraglider, you should include the variometer. This type of equipment is more commonly used among skilled paragliders, however it can be very useful for you. The price can range from only 100€ to almost 2000€.

This is an approximate list of the things you might have to buy next to your paraglider. If you need more information about paragliding equipment or prices, we recommend you the following post: Choose the Right Paragliding Flight Instrument.

Paraglider cost: what about the training?

When talking about the cost of a paraglider, the training lessons are not that expensive, and they will help you to get you started with the help of an expert.

Some people might try to convince you that you are also able to learn to fly by yourself and that you can save up some money skipping the classes. However, we do not think this is the wisest choice.

The training lessons will give you a strong base to start then paragliding on your own. Also, you will have someone to ask for help and someone that will answer all the doubts you might have.

The cost of one of these courses is about 1500€ or 1800€.

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