Paragliding→ Flying types: Which ones are there?

Are you an adventure seeker? Do you love thrilling experiences? If you are looking for something exciting to do, you should check the different paragliding flying types that you can do and just start flying right now!

Touch the clouds and fly like a bird, enjoy the views and discover all the things that remain hidden under the blue sky. Knowing each of the different paragliding flying types will help you to choose which one is better for you.

We also remind you that paragliding with Overfly is suitable for everyone; you do not need to know anything about paragliding. If you want to know how it feels like to kiss the sky, you can count on us!

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Paragliding flying types: Soaring Flights

This type of paragliding flight is perfect for beginners or those who do not have that much experience. You will get to really learn how the wing work and train for other techniques or paragliding flying types.

In this type of flying, a pilot will fly following the length of a slope and use the air to lift the paraglider along this slope. To have a successful flight, the pilot will need to have a steady wind and avoid windy days or places with little wind.

The different types of paragliding here!
What types of paragiding flights are there?

Thermal flying: learn to do the best tricks

Thermal flying is one of the most popular paragliding flying types that you will find.

A thermal normally is a rising column of air provoked by the heat of the sun over the ground. Pilots normally use a paragliding flying instrument called vario to know where they can find a thermal.

Once they have found the thermal, they approach to it flying in circles trying to get to the centre of the thermal, also known as “core”. This technique is quite difficult and you will need some patience to finally master it!

Cross-country Paragliding Flight: only for paragliding lovers

These paragliding flying types are a little bit more difficult than the other two because, in this case, you will really need to control the wing and know how your paraglider works.

Once you know how thermal flying works, you can try with cross-country. In this case, you will have to understand the flow of thermal techniques because you will glide from one thermal to the next one.

Paragliding flights, which types are there?
In Overfly Tenerife we offer different paragliding experiences for learners, beginners or lovers of paragliding. Our instructor will give you some instructions before you start your flight and also provide you with the equipment that you will need in order to fly. Do not forget to wear confortable and warm clothes to enjoy your travel as much as possible.

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