Performance paragliding flight

Paragliding in Tenerife South

Do you want to fly close to the clouds?
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Paragliding in Tenerife South


Do you want to fly close to the clouds?


Paragliding in Tenerife South


performance flight


Paragliding flight

Enjoy the adrenaline and emotion rush with this paragliding tandem experience that Overfly Tenerife has prepared for you!

Live a very intense time with our High Performance Flight. Fly in thermals currents and fulfill that dream with this incredible flight. Have the best imaginable views whilst flying over 1000 meters above the ground.

This flight is suitable for beginners. You will be flying with an experienced instructor who will accompany you in this experience.

You’ll receive briefing instructions before you start your Performance Flight. This way our instructors will equip you with a harness and helmet and explain the take-off procedure. You will be informed at all times so that you have a wonderful experience.

Paragliding in Tenerife South means getting to know this place from a privileged point of view. Once your take-off, the paragliding experience will be comfortable as you will find yourself seated in a safe harness. The pilot will show you the different views that can be seen from this flight, such as Barranco del Infierno, Roque del Conde and Playa de las Américas.

Overfly Tenerife is a team full of passion for flying over this magical island. We will be happy to show you the secrets of the flight in thermal currents

Are you ready to try our High Performance Flight? Come with us and get ready to live the best life experience.


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tripadvisor logo 6 1 Overfly for the win!! I had the booking with Overfly last Monday. Besides the great experience and the stunning view, the team was amazing and made me feel extremely confident and comfortable!! Although it was my first time with the paraglider, I did not feel nervous at all with the help of the team! They explained all the instructions in detail and the reasons it was necessary to do this and that in order to have a safe flight! I have received the high quality videos and pictures very quickly! Also, I have been picked up and returned to the hotel after the flight!!! Overall, I would recommend to anyone interested in jumping with the paraglider to book with Overfly!!❤️❤️ globos tripadvisor 4
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google g logo Absolutely fantastic!! Went with my 72 year old mother and my 12 year old son and we all loved it. Want to do it again!! estrellas
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Neil Ruthven
google g logo Very good experience. Well priced and clear instructions and I felt very safe. Would highly recommend for anyone! estrellas
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Josiah Irons
google g logoAbsolutely amazing experience with a highly professional team - felt very safe the whole time - they are an experienced crew and I would not hesitate to do this again. estrellas
unnamed 3
David Goldstone
google g logoWhat an absolute amazing flight today. The constructor was amazing felt very safe with him. All in all massive 5star experience!! estrellas
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Barl Kurley

frequently asked questions about paragliding in tenerife

In order for you to organize yourself with other activities, you must have available about 2 hours in total. 

We are never in a hurry so that everything goes perfectly.

We don´t have an office. Our meeting point is at the Parking above La Enramada Beach in Costa Adeje, Tenerife South, here is where we meet with you. After giving a brief explanation of the flight will be, we organize and then depart towards the takeoff zone.

As long as the weather condition allow us it’s in La Enramada Beach, Costa Adeje. As well there are others official landing sites

As soon as you are equipped, your pilot will tell you when to start walking to take off. You will immediately feel yourself floating in the air. You’re already flying!

Paragliding landing is also very easy. All you have to do is walk a bit and our instructor brakes the glider very gently.

It is not allowed to come with video cameras, photography or mobile phones.

Our pilots are in charge of doing a magnificent job taking photographs and videos throughout the flight allowing passengers to enjoy the landscape without any worries.

Once landed you will have the opportunity to choose between various purchase options in case you want to keep it as a memory.

In case of adverse weather, the company reserves the right to reschedule the flight for another day or time or its total cancellation. In these circumstances, flights that cannot be rescheduled will be 100% refund.

Please consult our cancellation policy for other cases.

You will receive an email with the additional information such us: When and where we meet, what to wear and all the considerations you have to take into account before to meet with us.

It’s very important that in your reservation you inform us correctly your phone number, with the country code, to contact you if necessary.

Paragliding is normally very stable, so you don’t usually feel dizzy. However, some days, to stay longer in flight, it is necessary to make turns that allow us to remain within the thermal.

If you are excessively prone to dizziness, you can take the medication you would take if you were traveling by car.

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