All about paragliding in winter

What do you need to do paragliding in winter? Is it possible and safe to do it? Weather is an important thing to keep in mind if you are planning to do paragliding: the rain, the cold, the wind… Depending on where you are going to fly, they can really influence your flight.

This is why you should consider some key concepts before starting right away. Preparing your flights in advance will keep you from unexpected events or putting yourself into dangerous situation.

In this post, from Overfly we will review everything you need to know about paragliding in winter so you can be prepared for your next flights. Do not miss anything and pay attention, the best tips on how can you do paraglide in winter are here!

Can you do paragliding in winter?

First of all: yes, it is possible to do paragliding in winter. Just like in any other season, there are certain aspects to consider. Also, you should also remember that winter does not always mean cold and windy weather, in some other places it is nice and warm, so paragliding does not entirely depend on the seasons, but it is more about having the right weather.

Keep reading to know more about the right way to fly during winter season!

Is it dangerous to do paragliding in winter?

To do paragliding during winter season should not be dangerous if you take the appropriate measures, but just like in any other season. Both expert pilots and beginners should know what to check when they are preparing a new adventure.

This is why we remind you to constantly check the weather, to explore the place where you plan on paragliding and do not take any risks. If it looks like a bad day to do paragliding, then do not do it!

In fact, in Overfly Tenerife our team of expert pilots will always check before the flight if the weather conditions are appropriated for the flight. If this is not the case, then the flight will be cancelled and postponed to another day.

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What do I need to do paragliding in winter?

So, now that you know that it is possible to do paragliding in winter, are there any special recommendations about it? If you recently started to fly or you are planning to try a paragliding experience and the cold weather scares you, then do not fear anymore! Overfly is here to help you: everything you need to know about paragliding in winter.

Wear the right clothes

We always advise everyone to wear winter clothes, no matter the season or the weather. Remember that the higher you are, the colder it gets. If you are flying on a really cold day, then for sure you should wear the warmest clothes you have.

This means, for example, wearing gloves, thick pants and a good winter jacket. Maybe even two pairs of socks…

However, you should also keep you comfort in mind. Sport clothes are always a big yes when it comes to do paragliding. The only thing you should worry about once in the air is having a great time, and not being uncomfortable of having cold.

Check the weather before flying

We know we have said this before; however, it is still very important. You do not want any surprises once you are flying!

What is the best weather to do paragliding? If you want to know more about it, then we recommend you to check this section of our paragliding guide where you will find all you need to know about the best weather conditions to fly: Weather Conditions – Paragliding

Keep in mind the wind

Wind in some places can represent a great deal. Maybe if you are used to fly in windy landscapes then, this might not represent a great challenge, but if you are not, the winter season also means more chances of stronger winds.

You will know that the wind is too strong when it surpasses the 20 km/h or the 12 mph. Normally, expert pilots would not recommend you flying if the wind is this strong, so better call it off and leave it for another day.

What about the climate of the place where you are flying

In this post we are mainly focusing on those places where the winter weather is cold and rainy, however, you should also remember that on the south hemisphere, winter is the warmest season of the year.

That is why if you are more of a traveller, you should know the climate of the place you are planning to visit.

For example, in Tenerife, the isle where we are located, most of the days of the year we have shinny warm weather and very soft wind, so paragliding here is always possible, no matter the season.

Are there less thermal currents during winter?

Thermals are formed when the sun heats the air. Since warm air is lighter than cold one, it ascends high up creating the perfect environment for paragliding pilots to fly in. They are commonly used in soaring techniques, just like birds do.

However, because of cold weather, thermals can be less common during winter. The sun will not be strong enough to heat the air and therefore you will not be able to soar that much. The experience will be different from paragliding during warm seasons, but it will be still worth it.

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Can you do paragliding in winter in Tenerife?

We consider Tenerife one of the best places to do paragliding during winter season. The average annual temperature is about 19ºC so it does not matter when, the weather is usually perfect for flying.

In Overfly we count with the best team of experts in paragliding. If you have not tried it yet, then you should try for sure our different paragliding experiences in Costa Adeje, at the south of Tenerife.

Check the different paragliding flights we have available for you and discover the taste of the sky of Tenerife.

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See you folks! And remember that you can call us if you have questions or you need more information about paragliding in Tenerife.

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