The Best Place For Paragliding in Spain

Paragliding Tandem Flight in Costa Adeje


Do you dream of flying over the most beautiful locations of Tenerife? Are you craving the feeling of absolute freedom you can only get when you are up in the air? Then you have found your next adventure: a paragliding tandem flight in Costa Adeje.

Come and try a paragliding experience you will talk about for ages. Overfly Tenerife creates a unique combination of emotion and beauty so you can enjoy an incredible trip that fulfills one of your lifelong dreams: flying.

We offer you a paragliding tandem flight in Costa Adeje to help you get a different point of view of the island. See all nature and the ocean from 700 or 2.200 meters above the ground, depending on the experience you choose.

Warning: you might like paragliding so much that you could wish to stay in Tenerife forever.

If you needed one more reason to choose the island as your next destination, paragliding tandem flight in Costa Adeje could be the excuse you were looking for.

Check out our paragliding services and give us a call when you are ready to live the gliding experience in Tenerife.


Standard flight

Get started with our most popular experience, a tandem flight over Adeje.


Performance flight

Fly close to the clouds and enjoy the views of Ifonche’s Protected Natural Park.


Acro flight
700 / 1000m

If you are the kind of people who gets bored on the roller coster this flight is for you.

Paragliding equipment

As you can imagine, you can’t wear whatever you want to a paragliding tandem flight in Costa Adeje. Leave the fancy clothes at your accommodation and choose something comfortable, including a pair of sneakers and your sunglasses.

You will also need the right equipment for your tandem paragliding experience. That’s completely on us: we will give you a helmet and a harness that adjusts to your body before we take off. The equipment is included in the price.

Where are we flying to?

Our paragliding Tenerife flights allow you to fly over different locations on Tenerife sur. You just have to read each one of our services and choose your favorite one: Barranco del Inferno, Adeje, Taucho… It’s up to you!

Our instructors know by heart the paragliding maps we have designed, so they will show you all the places you have to see (and take pictures of) before you go back home.

What is paragliding?

Have you ever stopped to look at the birds crossing the sky with no effort? We’re going to tell you their secret: they are gliding. And that’s exactly what a paragliding tandem flight in Costa Adeje does. The wind is our ally!

This sport requires an experienced instructor to take the controls of the tandem paraglider. Don’t worry about that! Our team is the best on the south of the island, so we will take you to the nicest places.