Parasailing and Paragliding (CURIOSITIES)

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Parasailing vs Paragliding

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Differences between parasailing and paragliding

Maybe you do not know what the difference between parasailing and paragliding is. If you are organizing fun things to do on your holidays in Tenerife, these can be some of them, as well as those mentioned in our post — best things to do in Playa de las Americas. They are such a good option if you are staying at one of the hotels in Tenerife south.

As parasailing and paragliding are two of the best excursions in Tenerife, we ​​have added to our curiosity guide the main differences that we find among them, especially with tandem paragliding — the flight mode that we offer in Overfly Tenerife in the south of the island.

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what is parasailing?

Actually, there are very few similarities between parasailing and paragliding, if there are some. Then you may be wondering — what is the difference between parasailing and paragliding?

There is a wing in parasailing that is used as a kite in which the passenger is towed captively in a vehicle — usually a boat — at a height of no more than 90 or 100 meters. The passenger has no control over the wing nor is accompanied or assisted by any instructor during the flight.

Paragliding is an ultralight aircraft that has glider capabilities. Take off is made on foot and you can reach the height of the clouds any day with normal weather conditions. You can fly alone if you have a flight license, or you can hire an instructor to enjoy a tandem paragliding flight. It is the closest experience to flying as birds do, inside thermal currents, controlling the direction all the time.

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What is paragliding?

Paragliding is an activity included in the so-called adventure sports and it is done with a wing or glider called paragliding. Its developed design allows the pilot to travel long distances and fly at a considerable height taking advantage of the thermal currents.

The parachutes have been the precursors of the current paragliders. In the 1960s, Francis Rogallo developed the parachutes that the NASA would use in its missions to recover space capsules.

It was in the 1980s when the paraglider took off definitively as a sport activity with the evolution of the paragliding designs, which are still changing nowadays.

We hope that the difference between parasailing and paragliding is clear now. Remember that if you have any doubt or if you want some more information you can contact us anytime!