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Are you wondering where to go in Tenerife? Playa de las Américas, as well known as Las Américas, is a famous holiday resort located at the South of Tenerife, just between Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos. In our blog, we have talked about this place in some posts before, as in best things to do in Costa Adeje — but today we want to talk about Playa de las Américas and the best excursions and activities that you can do there.

In this post we are going to tell you in depth some reasons why you should visit this beautiful place and the best things to do in Playa de las Américas and the best excursions and activities, which are among the best things to do in Tenerife. We will give you all the information you need about the best Playa de las Américas excursions and activities.

Playa de las Américas excursions and activities

At Overfly Tenerife we want to give you the chance to enjoy the best adventure tourism — from snorkelling and whale and dolphin watching, to rural tourism. So we are giving you all the information needed about the different Playa de las Américas excursions and activities that you will find.

But before we start, we have to tell you that some activities are directly realized in Playa de las Américas, as well as excursions — for instance, in the beach or in the harbour. Nevertheless, when we say Playa de las Américas, there are some activities and excursions for which you will have to move somewhere else. So we would like to give a quick description of what you can expect from some of the Playa de las Américas excursions and activities.

Fly over the south of the island – Playa de las Américas excursions and activities

If you are looking to get to know this area from the heights while you are paragliding Playa de las Américas, you can do so thanks to the professional instructors of Overfly Tenerife. This sport is one in a million. So, if you are looking for a Playa de las Américas excursion or acivity that gives you a total freedom feeling, this one is the perfect one for you!

Paragliding is one of the most incredible sports ever. The principle is to use a canopy similar to those used in skydiving and gathering the thermal wind currents in order to stay as long as possible flying. This sport is normally practiced in mountainous regions as wind currents are affected by the orography, creating optimal conditions for the practice of this incredible aerial sport.

So, we bring you the opportunity of soaring the wide open sky over the stunning landscape of Tenerife in our tandem paragliding activity. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling with your couple, your family, and your friends, or even on your own — come what may, we have the perfect plan for you!

Playa de las Américas excursions — Teide National Park and Teno Rural Park

This is a private tour, which duration is about 8 hours. It allows a maximum of 8 participants, so you will enjoy a unique experience in Tenerife without large crowds of people around. And do you know the best part? You will enjoy this tour while you ride a lovely minivan!

This is basically a tour along the most spectacular geological formations of the island —the Teide’s National Park and the Teno Rural Park are both stunning and marvellous areas. They are full of landscapes that will let you speechless, where nature has worked in the most capricious way. It is definitively a highly recommended experience, if not a compulsory one.

playa de las americas excursions

We invite you to visit and enjoy the Forest of Hope, the Corona Forestal, and of course the famous and majestic Mount Teide — which is the highest peak of Spain and one of our National World Heritage sites —, not to mention the rugged terrain of the Teno massif and the quaint village of Masca.

Flyboard – Playa de las Américas flying over the sea excursions and activities

Do you want to feel like Ironman? The flyboard is one of people’s favorite water sports. It is basically a board with water propulsion, attached to a Jet Ski that supplies the power needed to propel itself. It can be controlled with an optional remote control kit so you can be on top of the board controlling the power, but it can also be controlled from the Jet Ski by someone else.

The flyboard adventure is safely monitored by an experienced instructor. And don’t worry if you haven’t tried it before, experience is not required. The fun is guaranteed, so experience the coolest craze in water sports. It is the latest most exciting activity in Tenerife. Don’t miss it!

Playa de las Américas excursions — Loro Park

This is an excursion though for everyone, but above all, if you are looking for things to do in Tenerife with kids. Don’t you know Loro Park yet? It is one of the most famous and beloved animal parks in the Canary Islands. It is a must if you want to enjoy the Canarian wildlife with your family or friends. Loro Park is a natural paradise which highlights the careful reproduction of diverse natural habitats, taking visitors directly to the animal kingdom.

At Loro Park you will find a wide variety of spectacles like the Orca Ocean show, in which you will see the strength and agility of killer whales.  Or maybe you prefer to enjoy watching the acrobatics of dolphins defying gravity. You may also prefer to travel to Antártida in Planet Penguin, the biggest penguinarium of the world. It houses an iceberg with more than 200 penguins.

playa de las americas excursions

The huge and impressive aquarium along with the shark tunnel will allow you to be face to face with the terrific and magical creatures that inhabit the oceans and rivers. Other performances that you cannot miss are the sea lions or the flying of amazing brightly coloured parrots around you.

This fantastic park is all surrounded by paths with lush vegetation where you will see birds and other animals from all over the world. Apart from that, Loro Park has been voted as the best zoo in Europe by Trip Advisor users. One thing is for sure, it will be an unforgettable experience!

Playa de las Américas excursions — Siam Park

Siam Park is considered one of the best water parks in the world according to the reviews in Trip Advisor. It is the largest themed water park in Europe, located at Costa Adeje. Siam Park is an incomparable place where the whole family has its exclusive place for excitement, adventure and fun.

Siam Park is a must among the things to do in Tenerife, due to each attraction provides a unique experience in a magical setting. It combines the thrilling adventure on exciting slides with the exotic mystery of the ancient kingdom of Siam.

The bars and restaurants of Siam Park allow you to savour the perfect combination of oriental and traditional food in an unrivalled Thai atmosphere, or simply enjoying a cold drink or our large variety of cocktails with an exotic appetizer.

Whale and dolphin watching in a catamaran — Playa de las Américas excursions

Are you looking for an unforgettable and incredible experience? Get on board! Now we are going to watch whales and dolphins in a free environment aboard an impressive catamaran. Tenerife waters are home to a lot of cetacean species.

This activity is suitable for all ages, so it is the perfect plan no matter who you are traveling with! Whale watching is one of the most popular and impressive activities offered in the Canary Islands. Its waters are perfect for observing these animals because they are the most biodiverse waters in Europe.

playa de las americas excursions

Due to its oceanographic characteristics, its water temperature and its depth that can reach 3,000 meters in some points, the Canary Islands are home to up to thirty different species. Among these species, you will find different types of dolphins, killer whales or pilot whales. Watch them swimming on the loose in their habitat — we assure you that it is an extremely amazing experience.

Moreover, if you also want to sail the sea in a comfortable sail boat with plenty of space to relax yourself and enjoy the sun and sea, we have to tell you that doing it in a catamaran is the best option. Catamarans are also very stable boats, perfect for avoid getting sea sick. So, enjoy this amazing and unique experience watching whales and dolphins!

You also have the chance to do the same whale and dolphin sighting in a sailboat. But this time you will be on board on a great cruise on an amazing 5 stars sailboat through the south coast of Tenerife, to watch the resident whales and dolphins. In addition, you will anchor in a beautiful cove so you can swim and snorkel!

Playa de las Américas excursions  and activities — Fly fish

Are you looking for funny sport waters? Do you like intense experiences? Would you like to prove your courage? This is the attraction thought to try with your friends. The fly fish is a real big challenge to the laws of physics.

Once you ride the fly fish, you will fly really high and fast!

The minimum age for this activity is 10 years old. And 6 people are the maximum at one ride. Would you like to get some refreshment and adrenaline? This is just one of the many watersports that Tenerife has to offer. We tell you just in case you prefer something more calm and relaxed. Are you ready for the challenge?

playa de las americas excursions

Trekking to the Teide peak — Playa de las Américas excursions

Now we move to Teide National Park. The greatness and the majesty of the Mount Teide and its 3,718 meters are waiting you. If you visit Tenerife, don’t miss the opportunity to reach the highest point in Spain and touch the sky.

Teide National Park has been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. It is a natural protected area and definitively a must for anyone who is visiting Tenerife. The unmovable Teide is waiting for those who dare to crown its top and behold its magic. Hike up to the 3,718 meters of the dormant volcano — and if you do it on a clear day, you will be able to see the seven islands of Canary Islands from its summit.

The adventure begins at the Cable Lift Base Station, from where you will go up to the Upper Station, which is about 3,500 meters above the sea level. When the hike begins, the trail will lead you to the crater of the volcano where you can still smell the harmless scent of sulphur. Do not miss this unique experience, and keep in mind that places are very limited!

Playa de las Américas excursions and activities — Parascending

If new experiences are what you are looking for, parascending in the South of Tenerife is always a good choice! Haven’t you tried parascending yet? It is a water sport in which you wear a parachute while you are connected to the boat by a long rope. The rope pulls you up into the air as it moves forward on water.

Furthermore, if you practice parascending, you will also have the bird eye panorama view of the coast of Playa de las Américas while you enjoy excursions and activities. It is the perfect chance of living a new flight experience!

This activity is thought to be enjoyed together with you family, friends or couple — but the maximum in one go is 3 persons. Moreover, you can choose the way that you prefer to land — with a refresh diving in the ocean or directly on the boat. Your flight will take about 10 minutes at the very least, and the whole activity will take approximately 50 minutes until you go back to land.

playa de las americas excursions

Playa de las Américas excursions — Descent of the Masca gorge plus boat trip

Spectacular cliffs, deep ravines and a boat trip on the same excursion. This is what the descent of the Masca gorge offers! Hiking lovers will find the Masca gorge descent as one of the most beautiful routes in the Canary Islands.

The descent starts at Caserío de Masca, where you will also enjoy some of the best examples of traditional Canarian architecture. From this point, you will go into the ravine, whose huge walls of stone were used as a pirate hideout — at least, that is what the legend says.

The downhill walk takes approximately three hours. Three hours of pleasure while you enjoy those absolutely stunning views. This breathtaking landscape has been formed by the natural elements, both adverse and beautiful.

Once you approach the end of the descent, you will begin to hear the crashing sounds of the waves.

That sound will give you a preview of the beautiful beach that is waiting for you at the end of the path. There you will have the chance to have a refreshing and regenerating swim surrounded while you are surrounded by the stunning cliffs of Los Gigantes. After a little rest, you will go on board in a boat headed towards Puerto de Los Gigantes.

At the same time that you appreciate the beauty of the cliffs, don’t forget to look at that mysterious sea. Furthermore, if you pay attention, you will probably see some dolphins due to they are very common in these waters! If you decide to descend this natural canyon, don’t hesitate to admire the uniqueness of the landscape surrounding you. Its gorgeous cliffs and deep ravines are absolutely a must for serious nature lovers.

playa de las americas excursions

Reasons why you should visit Playa de las Américas and enjoy excursions

Many tourists all over the world — most of them from Europe — choose this destination for their holidays. This is because plenty of reasons apart from the amazing Playa de las Américas excursions and activities.

In this area, the weather conditions are mild — so they allow you to enjoy your vacations at any time of the year. Here, you will find that the temperature in June is just a few degrees higher than in December.

Another reason to choose this destination is that you will find lots of well-equipped amazingly beautiful beaches. All of them offer the best facilities and they give you the chance to enjoy your relaxation time, refreshment and a wide variety of water sport activities if that is what you wish.

And at last, but not at least, you will find a lot of places for entertainment in this area — including bars, restaurants where you will try the best Canarian cuisine, golf fields or shopping centers. And if you are interested in Playa de las Américas nightlife apart from excursions and activities, you will discover plenty of pubs and beach clubs and much more things to do, like boat parties.

Playa de las Américas excursions — Communications and accommodation

Tenerife South Airport Reina Sofia is the nearest airport to Playa de Las Américas. If you are accommodated in one of Playa de las Américas hotels, it will take you approximately 30 minutes to get from there to the airport by bus.

playa de las americas excursions

Playa de las Américas counts on luxury Hotels that will allow you to fully enjoy the excursions and activities — like Villa Cortes or the famous Resort, Mare Nostrum. There are also Hotels like Columbus, Oro Negro, Las Palmeras and Best Tenerife that offer really good services. But these are just some of our suggestions.

If you are planning to spend your next holiday in the south of Tenerife, don’t hesitate to enjoy the best Playa de las Américas excursions and activities — contact us and let us help you! We will be pleased to provide you all the information you need.

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