What are the best Tenerife cycling routes?

Are you looking for the best adventurous experiences and places in Tenerife? At Overfly Tenerife we always want to offer you the most exciting and new activities. So, apart from our amazing paragliding flights, we want to tell you different things that you can do in the Island, among them, the best Tenerife cycling routes.

We know that you would love to discover the best places in Tenerife. And do you know what? Tenerife cycling routes are one of the best ways to explore in depth the whole island. If you love cycling and your wish is to discover new places… there is no doubt! Cycling in the Canary Islands is one of the best options if you are planning your mountain bike holidays in Tenerife!

The best Tenerife cycling routes

Here below you will find a list with our suggestions of the best Tenerife cycling routes, including all the information needed about each route.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife cycling route

This route is one of the most popular Tenerife cycling routes among locals and tourists. Santa Cruz de Tenerife cycling route is a round trip with a typical ascent and descent profile from a low point up to a high altitude and back down again. With a distance of 52 kilometres, it journeys through the north-west of the Island.

This Tenerife cycling route begins in Santa Cruz. The depart point is located at Avenida Marítima — then, it takes the TF-11. This is a plain dual carriageway, perfect to pick up some speed. While you leave the coast beside you, you will pass the docks and cranes of the port. You will have to stay on the TF-11 until you arrive to the fishing village of San Andrés, at kilometre 7. At this point, you have to turn left towards the mountains along the TF-12 road.

Tenerife cycling routes

Once you turn left, the ascent begins. This part of the journey has soft slopes that start getting more and more steeper, and the road gets windier as you ascend. After 18 kilometres of this Tenerife cycling route, you will come to a crossroad. Here, the TF-12 meets the TF-123, but you have to keep going straight on — follow the signs to get to Las Mercedes and La Laguna.

At the kilometre 19.7, you will get to see the stunning views of the Anaga Mountain from the Abicor lookout point. At the kilometre 21, you will have the chance to take a break and enjoy the amazing views of the south side. Soon after the stop at this lookout point, the road gives a truce — you will find a flat stretch and a descent to Casas de la Cumbre village. But do not be too confident, because the slopes come back very soon with their revenge. This time you will find gradients of up to 11%.

But don’t you worry, once you overcome the arduous ascend, you will reach the lookout point of Pico del Inglés at an altitude of 998 metres. This is the highest point on the route — so from here, you will be able to see the whole Santa Cruz, the Anaga Mountain, La Laguna and the Mount Teide. At this point, the long descent begins through the laurel forests, going back to urban areas like La Laguna and Santa Cruz.

During your descent from Pico del Inglés, take the TF-12 road again. You have to head towards Las Mercedes and La Laguna while you follow the signposts. At kilometre 31, you will go through Cruz del Carmen — here, you will find another lookout point where you will see the flats of La Laguna against the scenery of Mount Teide. There is a similar view waiting for you at the Lomo Alto lookout point, which is located on a closed loop at the kilometre 33.5.

After the kilometre 36, the descending slope becomes more moderate and takes you to the town of Las Mercedes. One kilometre at a later stage, you will see a roundabout. Change your direction here to the left towards La Laguna village along the TF-13 road. Take the road of Camino de las Mercedes — also known as Camino de las Peras — at kilometre 38.7. This path will lead you into the centre of La Laguna. Once you are in the village, you have to take Calle Herradores and Calle Calvo Sotelo until you reach Avenida de los Menceyes. At the end, you just have to cycle down the general road towards Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and this would be the end of the cycling route.

Upper South Tenerife — Costa Adeje cycling route

Now, we are moving to the South of the island with this 62 kilometres circular Tenerife cycling route that goes across the south and west of the Tenerife. This journey starts at Avenida Francisco Ucelay, located in our beloved Costa Adeje.

From this point, you will ascend towards the TF-1 motorway and turn right onto the TF-481 towards San Eugenio. Turn left at this point to cross the motorway and cycle along Avenida Austria. At the kilometre 4.25, the avenue will lead you in the motorway again to join the TF-481 anew. Then, you will find a crossroad with the TF-28 — so, you have to take this road and go straight on.

Now, you will come to constantly difficult and uphill stretches with a gradient of a 5%. It goes through La Camella and Valle San Lorenzo. At kilometre 20, you will arrive at the lookout point of the Centinela — here you will have the chance to enjoy the breath-taking views of the south side of the Island, apart from the amazing views of the beautiful Centinela Mountain.

Tenerife cycling routes

The journey becomes a bit gentler for the next 10 kilometres after getting this point. This part of the route will take you through San Miguel and Charco del Pino towns before reaching Granadilla, another town at kilometre 29. Once you get there, you will have to turn to the left in order to take the TF-21 towards Vilaflor.

On the 13 kilometre tranche between these two towns, you will find an uphill gradient of 6%, with a maximum of 16%. When you arrive to Vilaflor, you will have reached one of the highest towns of Spain. It is located at an altitude of 1,380 metres. This is going to be the highest point of this Tenerife cycling route.

From this point, you will have to change your direction to take the TF-51 towards Las Américas and Arona. From there, it is all downhill — 14 kilometres with a gradient of 6% all the way down to Arona.

Follow the TF-51 until you get to the town of La Camella. At this point, you will have to turn right to take the TF-28 towards Las Américas and Los Cristianos. At the kilometer 58, you will come to a cross by the TF-1 motorway —here, you have to take the TF-481, which is a one-way service road, towards Las Américas.

Finally, you will get on Avenida Austria, and then, Avenida Europa. At the end, you will find a roundabout —at this point, you have to take the exit onto the TF-481. Then, cross under the TF-1 motorway before reaching Avenida Francisco Ucelay. You have come to the end of this Tenerife cycling route — so, what are you waiting for to enjoy this fantastic experience?

Lower South Tenerife – Costa Adeje Cycling Route

This Tenerife cycling route is a circular one that starts and finishes in our beloved Costa Adeje. It goes along the lower south of the Island. It is quite a complete route, with areas that follow the coastline and others that venture out in the island. So, you will basically get to take in different types of scenery along the way if you choose to follow this route.

Tenerife cycling routes

This Tenerife cycling route starts at Avenida Francisco Ucelay in Costa Adeje. From there, you will climb towards the TF-1 motorway. Once you get there, you will have to turn right onto the TF-481 towards San Eugenio. This road goes parallel to the TF-1 motorway, but at kilometre 1.25 they get separated.

At this point, you will have to turn left to cross the motorway and cycle along Avenida Austria. At kilometre 4.25, you have to cross back over the motorway, and once more take the TF-481 up to the crossroads with the TF-28. You will have to turn right there — then, cycle down the TF-655, which is a two-lane dual carriageway that will take you to Los Cristianos.

This carriageway (TF-655) crosses Avenida Chayofita at a roundabout — so, you have to turn left to access the avenue. Later, you have to turn left again at the following roundabout to get back onto the TF-655. This road will take you out of the town to kilometre 8, where you will turn left to take the TF-662.

At this point, you will see the astonishing Guaza Mountain rising to your right. The road will take you under the TF-1 motorway, and it will continue parallel to this road on a kind of elevated road with not much traffic.

Once you arrive to the crossing with the TF-66 road, you have to turn right to take the road that goes towards the sea, where Las Galletas is signposted. At this point, you will have reached an altitude of 100 metres — and then, you will have to cross below the TF-1 motorway. Now, it begins a non-stop descent up to you reach the seaside town of Las Galletas.

You will cycle along the northern side of Las Galletas. Then, you need to take the TF-652 towards the north. At this road, you will come to a soft uphill area with a gradient of approximately 4%.

Tenerife cycling routes

Once you have passed the town of Guargacho, you will reach the TF-1 motorway again. Here, you will have to turn right to take the TF-655 road towards Las Chafiras. Once you get to a large roundabout, you will have to turn right to take the TF-65 towards El Guincho and the seaside town of Los Abrigos.

At kilometre 28.5, you will reach the town of Los Abrigos. Continue along the TF-643 road — the path here is parallel to the coast and it is practically flat. At kilometre 32, you will come to La Tejita beach and the protected natural area of Montaña Roja, which means the “Red Mountain” in Spanish.

Once you leave the mountain behind you, you will get to El Médano. This is another coastal town which is very popular among tourists and locals. Moreover, it is a great location to find all kinds of water sports. As you surround El Médano town, you will find a crossroad with the TF-64.

Take the TF-64 and head up the mountain towards San Isidro. This stretch is totally upward. Keep the same road — it will lead you up to Granadilla. This road is at an altitude of 640 metres and it has an average gradient of 6%.

From now on, you will stay on the TF-28 until the end of the route. The TF-28 road has the prompt upward area, but it is mostly composed of flat and downward sections. After passing El Charco del Pino and San Miguel, you will reach the lookout point of the Centinela at the kilometre 54. At this lookout, you will enjoy the best views of the south of Tenerife and of the lovely Centinela Mountain.

Thereupon, you will go through the towns of Valle de San Lorenzo and La Camella. At the kilometre 64, you will come to a crossing by the TF-1 motorway, where you must take the TF-481 towards Las Américas, just as in the previous Tenerife cycling route mentioned.

Keep on that side of the motorway and you will finally join Avenida Austria, together with Avenida Europa. At the end of these avenues, you will get to a big roundabout. Then, you must turn right onto the TF-481 and it will take you under the TF-1 motorway to the end of the route, after a 70 kilometres ride. Do you dare to try this Tenerife cycling route?

Should I hire a bike in Tenerife for my cycling route?

If you are thinking about going to Tenerife and go on a cycling route, you can’t forget about the most important thing needed… a bike! But what if you have to take a plane? Don’t worry at all! Each time, more and more cyclists are choosing the option to leave their bikes at home and rent a bike while they are enjoying of their cycling holidays in Tenerife or at any part of Europe!

This is definitely a good option for those who want to make it simple and travel as comfortable as possible. Moreover, the quality of the bikes on offer has improved a lot I the last years and rental prices are very affordable.

If you are visiting Tenerife during the busier months, you just have to make sure that you book you bike in advance. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to contact a company and give a double check to everything before booking— from frame sizes to pedals and insurance options.

Tenerife cycling routes

The perfect accommodation in Tenerife for your cycling route holidays

Are you looking for the best place to stay in Tenerife during your bike holidays? Now, we are going to show you some of the most popular accommodations among cyclists’ in Tenerife. We want to show you a couple of our top choices, because they offer facilities suited to your needs — such as secure bike storage, bike rental and guided tours and excursions. Let’s see some of the options available!

H10 Costa Adeje Palace – Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Located at the seafront and with direct access to La Enramada beach, this hotel in Costa Adeje is an iconic hotel known for its amazing swimming pools, its extraordinary chill-out terrace with astonishing sea views, and its enchanting Canary Island gardens.

Apart from the bicycle rental and storage, it also features a wide variety of dining options, a full programme of entertainment for the whole family, a Spa Centre and the best quality rooms and services. It is one of the best choices of accommodation in Tenerife, above all if you want to enjoy a cycling route!

Aparthotel PrimeSelect Los Alisios – Los Cristianos, Tenerife

This apart-hotel is a refurbished apartment resort located in Los Cristianos at the shores of the Atlantic, very close to Costa Adeje. It has very big rooms specially designed for family holidays.

This comfortable accommodation is decorated with a minimalist style. It has an excellent price, and it offers services such as bike rental and storage, a fantastic outdoor pool, a cozy restaurant and snack bar, entertainment options like billiards, table tennis and Solarium, and even a mini-market on site! This is another top choice in Tenerife if you want to enjoy cycling routes without carrying your bike in the suitcase!

Tenerife cycling routes

These are our tips to help you enjoying your visit to Tenerife, and if you are interested in cycling routes or any other activity on the island, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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