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Our team is like a family

We work together to make you feel comfortable since you make your reservation until we finish the flight.

Gustavo Lezcano Moiraghi.

More than 26 years of experience flying over the Tenerife sky.

With more than 26 years of experience, Gustavo is one of the most experienced tandem pilots in the world today. With training as a Sports Technician will take you on your paraglider to discover the most amazing corners of the geography of the island of Tenerife.

Inés Feune de Colombi.

Expert in logistics and reservations, helps you from the first moment.

Lover of surfing, diving and paragliding is our expert in making, undoing and planning everything, both to the team of pilots and to the clients.
With Inés you can organize your flight, pick-up or that surprise that you are thinking of doing, all in an instant. Leave everything in her hands and she will help you from beginning to end so that everything goes perfect.

Roger Carlsson.

More than 25 years flying in paragliding.

A Swedish instructor who have been flying in the sky’s of Tenerife for  many years. Roger are one of the most experience tandem pilot in  Europe. When he’s not flying he loves to get out on his mountain bike  or go climbing. Roger will take you up in to the sky’s of Tenerife for  a unforgettable experience.


Our extensive experience and our hundreds of clients give us recognition and confidence for upcoming flights.

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Our tandem pilots, who have all the certifications and qualifications, will advise, assist and accompany the entire duration of the activity in a cordial and professional environment.

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We have over 26 years dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of thousands of happy customers who have entrusted us with the realization of their first tandem flight.

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Our company complies with the legal regime established in the Regulation for the development of Active Tourism activities established by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands.