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Paragliding Tips

What about practicing paragliding in the South of Tenerife? Don’t hesitate!


Paragliding Tips

The following are some paragliding tips for everyone, from beginners to experienced paragliding pilots.

Paragliding is an exciting and relaxing sport that everyone can enjoy. You will have the chance to fly through the air hundreds or thousands of meters above the ground, and that means you must take certain steps to ensure that you enjoy the best paragliding experience in a safe way. Read carefully and follow these tips!

Check out our paragliding services and give us a call when you are ready to live the gliding experience in Tenerife.



Are you wondering what the best time to fly your paraglider is? Keep reading!



Are you wondering what do you have to wear for paragliding? Keep reading!



If you want to buy the best paragliding equipment, you should first read this information!

Paragliding equipment

Wear comfortable clothes and sportive footwear. You’ll need to count on a basic and suitable equipment to practice this sport.

From Overfly Tenerife we will provide you with these elements: we will give you a helmet and a harness for your experience of tandem paragliding. The equipment is included in the price.

Where are we flying to?

Fly through Adeje sky enjoying the most spectacular landscape and views. The mastery of our expert pilots will make you enjoy a spectacular flight.

Each one of our tandem paragliding flights in Adeje allows you to fly over many places on the island. Just take a look at our services and choose the one you like the most: You choose.

What is paragliding?

Who has not wished to fly like a bird… With us, you will be a witness of incomparable beauty breathtaking views of the Barranco del Infierno in Adeje and other spots.

As this sport requires an experienced instructor to take the controls of the advance paraglider, do not worry, our professional pilots have many years of flying experience on the island.


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