Weather Conditions – Paragliding (INFORMATION)

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Weather Conditions – Paragliding

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One of the main concerns you might have once you have decided to fly is the weather conditions for paragliding. Whether we like it or not, in Overfly we know that paragliding is dependent on the weather and we will the activity can be cancelled if the monitors believe that the wind or the rain are too strong, or if on the contrary, there is no wind enough to fly.

In this section of our guide we meant to solve all your doubts about the weather conditions in paragliding!

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Best weather conditions for paragliding?

Which ones are the best conditions for flying a paraglider? When is it not possible? There are some things you should take into consideration before your flight, like the wind, the rain or how bright the day is.

The wind is key!

First, you should know that the wind velocity is quite important, the most important weather condition for paragliding in fact. If there is no wind enough, it will not be possible to fly with your paraglider. For the wind to be appropriate for flying, it should be less than 18mph or 28 km/h.

Also, the speed is not the only thing you should considerate when checking the wind before flying. We also recommend you that you check the airflow and the direction of the wind to see if it helps you or not.

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What about cloudy days?

You are ready to paraglide. You have everything you need prepared and now, once you have gone out you realize that the sky is covered in clouds, what should you do? Are these weather conditions okay for flying?

Honestly, it is nicer to fly in a clear day since clouds sometimes will not let you enjoy the views of the magnificent Canary landscape. However, if wind conditions are nice to do paraglider, then clouds will not be an obstacle for you.

Keep an eye on the thermals that the cumulus of clouds might create, some zones might be windier than others and you should be careful.  However, if the sky is totally covered in clouds, the thermals will be almost non-existent.

When you should not paraglide

Checking the weather conditions for paragliding beforehand will help you to avoid unnecessary concerns once you are flying. It is essential for you to know when it is not recommended to do paragliding due to bad weather conditions.

This bad weather conditions include mostly strong winds or rain. Strong wind can make you lose control of the paraglider and difficult the take-off and landing. If you are not careful, it can turn out to be very dangerous for you.

If you are afraid of not being able to recognise which weather conditions are the best for flying, you should not worry. Our instructors will make sure that you know everything you need to have a safe flight and enjoy your time as much as possible.

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