What to visit in Tenerife: quick guide through the island!

Planning your next trip but you do not know what to visit in Tenerife? Relaxing in the volcanic sand? Shopping at a local market? Or are you more into extreme activities like paragliding?

There are plenty of ideas we can offer you to make the most out of your travel to the island. In Tenerife there is a lot to see and do, so take note and keep reading this post to find all about it.

Tenerife: what to visit and what to do

To organize the perfect visit to Tenerife might seem overwhelming given the number of activities and places to explore. We offer you a combination of exciting activities and ideas to slow down with the beautiful landscape of Tenerife as background.

Explore Tenerife through Anaga Rural Park

Anaga Park is one of the main attractions of Tenerife. A natural wonder only a few minutes away from the capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This natural park has 14.5000 hectares filled with native flora and fauna, reaching even the sea, thus creating unique beaches.

This is the perfect place to hike in the morning and then finish with a nice afternoon in one of their beautiful coves.

If you do not know what to visit in Tenerife, then you should add this one to your list.

Discover what to see in south Tenerife by paragliding

Can you imagine discovering the island from the sky? Sometimes a little of adventure is ideal to spice up your holidays, and the perfect activity for that is paragliding. This way you get to know better what to see in south Tenerife while having fun sailing through the clouds.

Check out our flights and stand up to a different way to do sightseeing!

Enjoy the slow life at Playa de las Teresitas

Do you need to take a break? When searching what to visit in Tenerife, you cannot miss Playa de las Teresitas, the most important beach in Tenerife. It is the favourite place of everyone in Santa Cruz de Tenerife because of its golden sand and the tranquillity of the sea.

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There are lots of facilities for visitors like showers, toilets, bars and restaurants and parking.

Stargazing in Teide National Park

Did you know that is very common to do stargazing at the Teide National Park? You can just escape from the light pollution of the big cities and find the best spot to lay down and see the stars. This park is known as the perfect destination for doing so given the cleanness of the atmosphere, which is why it has been awarded by the Starlight Foundation as a “Starlight Destination”.

Tenerife what to see and do

Wine tasting in the north of Tenerife

Do you know that there are hundreds of wine tours in Tenerife? Another way to know what to visit in north Tenerife is through their wine. Here you can spend even 10 hours travelling from one vineyard to another and get a taste of Tenerife’s gastronomy. Combining good food and drinks is always guaranteed fun!

Some of the best wine bars are located in Puerto de la Cruz, La Laguna or Garachico, but each place has its own scent and personality. At the end it does not matter where you go, the wine you will have in Tenerife will always be good.

Dive into Garachico’s Lava Swimming Pool

Some say that the best thing they visited in Tenerife were Garachico’s Lava Swimming Pool. The best thing? Clean waters and oceanic fishes swimming around you. There is even a smaller swimming pool for children since the normal ones are quite deep.

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If you are tired of the typical beaches and you would like to try something new, check out Garachico!

Tenerife what to visit

Get lost in Los Gigantes cliff

The next thing if you do not know what to visit in Tenerife is going to Los Gigantes cliffs. This geological marvel is at the west of the island and it is known for its vertical walls that rise majestically from the ocean. You will able to see them from the municipalities of Buenavista del Norte and Santiago del Teno.

There are two ways to see them, from the ground of by a boat tour that will show you around!

What to visit in Santa Cruz de Tenerife? → Make a guided tour

You wonder still what to visit in Santa Cruz de Tenerife? Then the best way to get to know the city is through a guided tour. Many of them are organised by locals that will give you a closer look to how Santa Cruz works, how is the city life and some recommendations to continue with your visit.

Bargaining in Market of Our Lady of Africa

Market of Our Lady of Africa is the most emblematic market of Tenerife. Not only will you be able to purchase some incredible goods, but also its architectonic features will leave you astonished.

You can easily spend the morning bargaining with the sellers and buying the most exclusive souvenirs and then eat some local food at their magnificent restaurants. This is an opportunity you should not miss!

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